Feedback for Winter_Chrysanthemum

Mar 20, 2018

    1. Please leave any feedback if you can :D
    2. Winter Chrysanthemum purchased Dollheart footwear from me. It was a good transaction and they contacted me to them me they had arrived and left feedback without prompting.
      Great customer
    3. @Winter_Chrysanthemum purchased a clothing item from me. Communication was clear, payment was prompt, and I received a PM as soon as the item arrived. Many thanks!
    4. :bcupcake:aheartbea:chocoheart Positive feedback :chocoheart:aheartbea:bcupcake

      Winter Chrysanthemum purchased a yosd head from me and was a delight to sell to and talk with .
      They paid promptly and had excellent communication and let me know when the head reached them :).
      I highly recommend them as a buyer and I would be happy to work with them again:thumbup!

      Thank you Winter Chrysanthemum :hug:!