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Feedback for wniny

Sep 19, 2010

    1. If I've bought something from you or sold you something, please leave som feedback. :)
    2. Wniny bought a KDF Mill from me, and was a pleasure to deal with! She kept great communication and paid immediately. I would love to do business with you again! <3
    3. Just finished a very pleasant transaction with Wniny. She purchased a Pukipuki from me, communication was great and payment was very fast! Apparently there was a bit of a postal glitch on her end, but she let me know as soon as she had the doll. I am so glad she made it after her long trip! Thanks for the wonderful transaction!
    4. wniny joined my Blue Swap on November 11th, 2010. In the swap, swappers had to make a gift(s) for their partners that was predominately blue in color. Items could be handmade or bought, and partners were given a list of items their partner would appreciate receiving. Cost for the swap was to be kept between $10USD to $15USD. Members had from November 13th to December 13th to make and send their partner's gifts.

      wniny had asked for an extension of time on her gifts on December 11th, claiming she had personal issues that needed resolved first. She also stated that "just some touches here and there" on her main gift were needed for the swap package to be finished. An extension to December 20th was given to wniny and other members of the swap who needed the time, to finish and ship their gifts.

      On December 23rd I PM'd wniny again asking the status of her gift, as I did not receive a notice of shipping on December 20th. I was behind a few days getting in touch due to coming down with the flu. wniny finally responded on December 26th that she is way behind deadline, and will not be getting a swap gift to her partner. In lieu of the swap gifts she wanted to send her partner money, however I denied that request as the whole point of the swap is to send gifts in a specific color (this particular one blue), not send a monetary compensation.

      I decided to leave this feedback as flakey instead of negative as wniny was the one who came forward to let me know she will not be completing the swap, instead of leading me on for weeks promising to send the gifts. I am disappointed wniny didn't approach me about dropping from the swap before this, though; hopefully she will do that in any future swap(s) she joins if the same issues arise again.

      At this point I would not consider allowing wniny into any of my future swaps.
    5. I bought a doll leaves tiny DangDang from Wniny! Communication was excellent, and the doll very pretty!

      Thanks Natalia!

      Best wishes from Holland,

    6. I bought a red Msd size dress from Wniny and I am happy to say she was excellent really awsomely fast shipping and the dress was just like it was in the photos.

      Thanks Natalia! :D

    7. wniny bought a Soom MD tank Keny from me:) Everything went absolutely perfect :) Prompt payment and freat communication. Thank you for this pleasant transaction:)

      Would definitely recomment:)
    8. Wniny bought a pair of eyes from me. What a pleasant transaction! Friendly, prompt communication and payment. High recommended! :thumbup
    9. wniny participated in a 17 and Under swap that I ran a while back. Her communication was great, and she got her information sent and package shipped by/before the set dates. Thanks so much for an excellent experience!
    10. Sold a Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe head to wniny. Good comunication and superfast payment. Everything went smooth. Recomended byer.
    11. wniny commissioned me to make a Rococo dress for her Yo-SD. She was prompt and friendly in answering all PMs throughout the process, paid for her finished dress right away, and later let me know when it arrived. I'd definitely do business with her again! Thank you! :)
    12. I painted a doll for wniny, end everything was perfect. Communication was friendly, she paid right away, and let me know when head arrived.
      I would love to do business with her again.
    13. wniny purchased a wig from me and was very pleasant to deal with. She paid immediately and let me know as soon as she received the wig. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer!
      Thanks! :)
    14. I recently purchased a DZ girl body from wniny and everything went very well. She always replied quickly and was very friendly. Shipping was great too. And the body arrived sooner than I expected. Thanks so much! :)
    15. I purchased a Feeple chloe head from Wniny and and everyting was perfect. Shipping fast, friendly comunication, and a beautiful doll with unexpected eyes for free.

      Thank you so much!
    16. I bought a Rococo dress from Wniny. Great communication. Shipping and packaging was amazing and done with care. All the way from Sweden to MN, USA and the box was not even damaged.
    17. I sold an outfit to wniny, payment and communication was very prompt! Great buyer, thank you again!! :D
    18. I've bought a PKF zoe boy to Wniny, and this was a great transaction ~
      The communication was good and friendly ! She has sent the package fast and safely :)
      I recommend her as a seller ~

      Thank you Wniny for this transaction :)
      And sorry for this late message on your feedback.
    19. I recently purchased a Soom Ivory from wniny and the transaction could not have gone better. Communication was quick and very friendly. The shipping process was also very fast and the doll was in perfect condition when she arrived. I would love to buy from wniny again in the future.
    20. I bought a TDF Dorothy from wniny on layaway, the contact was fast and friendly, and I got my doll home safe and secure, without any problems. It was a pleasure to buy from you, and I would definitely do it again~