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Feedback for Wolfie Pie

Aug 24, 2007

    1. I guess I should start one. :XD:

      If you liked your pics, lemme know. =^w^=
    2. I asked Wolfie Pie to draw Kamari for me, and Wolfie Pie did so quickly and beautifully!! <3 Although it's currently a free service, I dont think Wolfie Pie's attitude would change. It was wonderful, I got my picture the very next day, and MY GOD it's gorgeous!! Wolfie Pie is an amazingly talented artist and a real pleasure to order from ^w^
    3. X3 Well, this isn't for a pic, but Wolfie Pie made a fur wig for my boy, and it's awesome! Thanks so much!!
    4. Wolfie Pie drew a picture of my girl who has yet to come yet... and it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    5. Wolfie bought a Luts Neck System from me, she was lovely to deal with throughout, prompt payment and fantastic communication.

      A pleasure to deal with.

    6. Wolfie made me a wig for my boy! She was so fast!!! The wig is great and Artemis loves it!
    7. I'm so glad you got it and I'm very glad it fits. =^w^=
    8. Wolfie Pie joined the DoA Secret Santa '07 Gift Exchange. They shipped her recipients gift on time. :aheartbea No problems.
    9. Wolfie Pie made my Chrno a fur wig! She made it so quickly and it got here within three days!! He loves it! Thank you so much. It's so soft and fun to play with. ^_^

      Highly recommended~ =D
    10. Glad you liked it and I'm so glad it fits! >w<
    11. Bought a wig from Wolfie Pie - got it quickly and it's really gorgeous. <3 Very high quality fur. Thanks a bunch!! :3
    12. You're very welcome! =^w^=
    13. I bought two wigs from Wolfie Pie recently, both of which fit perfectly! I was kept updated on the progress of their creation, and when they were sent they arrived right when expected! I'm very happy with them!
    14. You're welcome! :)
    15. I commissioned a wig from Wolfie Pie recently! She was really sweet to deal with, and kept me up to date with my status of my wig. When i got the wig it was really awesome and exactly the way I wanted it. Thanks Again! :D
    16. You're very welcome! :)
    17. Sold Wolfie a t-shirt and was paid promptly, and had great communication, letting me know when it arrived. :)
      Would definitely do business again any time!
    18. I did face-up and mods on her boy, Yukio. She was very patient with me and let me know in detail what exactly she wanted! I am very pleased that we had this experience!

      Thank you!
    19. Wolfie made my boy a lovely purple fur wig with a braid on the back. He looooves it. xD Excellent service!

    20. Wolfie Pie bought a pair of hands from me and everything went great! :)