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Feedback for WrathChu

Mar 24, 2008

    1. Please post if I have bought something from you. :)
    2. WrathChu bought some Unoa boots from me. She was a nice in the transaction and was pleasant to do business with. Thanks! :chocoberry
    3. Wrathchu bought three small messenger bags from me. Very prompt payment, smooth transaction and very polite! :)
    4. WrathChu bought some more goods from me, another quick payment and was wonderful to do buisness with! Thanks! :chocoberry
    5. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    6. WratChu buys a cellphone from me. Fast payment, nice PMs, everything was perfect. Thanks a lot!
    7. Wrathchu bought a doll shelf from me.

      She paid promptly and was an absolute pleasure to do business with! Very polite and quick responses!:)
    8. WrathChu bought eyes from me.
      Fast payment, fast respond and clear friendly communication. Thank you! =^_^=
    9. WrathChu bought a Unoa bust from me. Payment was extremely fast and the communication friendly. Thank you! :)
    10. WrathChu has bought from me again :) She bought a Unoa Sist face plate as well as a head back from Genvi.
      Nice e-mails, really friendly, keep me update on payment (was on layaway).
      A perfect buyer, thanks you much dear!
    11. WrathChu bought a pair of MSD Boots from :D Paid fast, and was quick to reply :) Thanks!!
    12. Great buyer, couldn't be happier!
    13. Commissioned a crochet Slytherin scarf from me for her doll. Kept in constant touch, so I was able to contact her easily for shipping information. Got the payment to me quickly and without a problem. Loved doing business with her and hope to again! =^.^=
    14. WrathChu bought a Dei's pink loli dress for MSD from me ^__^
      She was very nice, transaction was quick and pleasant :D
      RECOMENDED ~~!!!
    15. WrathChu bought a glasses from me, Very nice buyer!
      Great communication AND fast action. I highly recommend~
    16. Wrath_Chu commissioned me for a big cuddly dragon plushie, and it was a really fun transaction. Fast payment too. Thanks so much! I hope he'll give you much joy! ;) :aheartbea
    17. WrathChu bought a wig from me. A great buyer. ^_^ The transaction went smoothly and the communication went great. Wonderful to deal with. ^_^
    18. I sold a Beryl head on layaway to WrathChu and it was the second time I did business with her and, once again, she was great to deal with -- highly pleasant and reliable. :) :) :)
    19. Wrathchu bought one of my dresses! ^ ^
      She's a darling, a very nice person and a great buyer! Hope we will deal again in the future! ^ ^
    20. Sold 2 pairs of glass eyes to WrathChu, and I was paid promptly. Thanks :)!