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Feedback for x a [Beautiful] lie x

May 24, 2007

    1. This is the Feedback thread for x a [Beautiful] lie x
      Thank you to all the wonderful people I purchased things from!

      I am going to be keeping lists of transactions in this post for reference.
      I will be commenting in the individual users feedback threads as soon as the transactions are complete. * Next to a name in the completed transactions section means the user has left feedback in this thread

      Pending Transactions
      Purchased from:
      smile_again (outfit)

      Completed Transactions
      Purchased from:
      Midnightferret (Blank Nanuri 2007 head)
      nakitama (Jumpsuit, shoes)
      SCREAM1297 (Nanuri 2007 head)
      gretch110 (Black Melody set)
      sada (wig)*
      TheFontBandit (eyes)*
      sat (wig, wig stand, headbands)
      Tsuminaki (T-Shirt, Undies set, garter)
      crpsaiyan (2 HP Scarves)
      Loki (Jeans)*
      Tsuminaki (OOAK outfit, SD sized brandy glasses)
      PamSD (Gown)
      Devil's Trill (Ivory Dollmore carrier)*
      enmi (2 OOAK outfits)
      Christina (Black boots)*
      ChristinasDream (Lishe)
      nakitama (Brown boots)*
      Tsuki (OOAK Dress)*
      Brightstar1008 (2 dresses)
      loyaldreamer (Sweater)*
      Nymphetish (Outfit)*
    2. x a [Beautiful] lie x purchased a sweater from me, kept up great communication and paid quickly, even let me know when the item arrived :) The over all transaction was wonderful and I got to see another Nevadan on here *g* I wouldn't hesitate selling anything to her again.
    3. x a [Beautiful] lie x was a great buyer. x a [Beautiful] lie x paid very quickly, and provided an all-around smooth experience. Thank you!
    4. x a [Beautiful] lie x purchased one of my OOAK dresses :) Paid quickly and communication though PM was fast. Thank you so much!~
      I would really recommend her :)
    5. x a [Beautiful] lie x purchased a pair of boots from me! She paid promptly, and let me know when they arrived! Thumbs up for x a [Beautiful] lie x! :thumbup
    6. x a [Beautiful] lie x bought a pair of black boots from me. Communication was great and she paid promptly. Very nice transaction. Thank you.
    7. x a [Beautiful] lie x is a great person to work with! I was going to hold a group order for Luts, but due to payment issues with them, had to cancel. x a [Beautiful] lie x kept in contact with me on all the items she wanted, and even graciously offered to buy more to get the grand sum up to the needed total.

      I would love to work with x a [Beautiful] lie x again!
    8. Great buyer, the communication was great, and she let me know when the bag she bought from me arrived. <3 Really liked to deal with x a [Beautiful] lie x~
    9. I sold some jeans to x a [Beautiful] lie x, and it was a very easy, quick transaction. Lovely to deal with, and paid very quickly. Thanks muchly!
    10. I sold a pair of eyes to x a [Beautiful] lie x. Payment was very quick, and communication was great! I would definitely do business with x a [Beautiful] lie x again! ^_^
    11. I sold a wig to x a [Beautiful] lie x and everything went very smoothly. We did have some problems with the postal system but they were able to fix it without any further issues. I hope you enjoy it ^_^
    12. x a [Beautiful] lie x and I were going to split a Lu-Wen with me buying the open-eyed head, and her keeping the other head and the body. She was great and responding to me and keeping me updated with any changes in the plan/order.

      Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly as planned. However, she was wonderful and found another head for me, had the seller put it on hold, and refunded my money, with a little extra to cover additional fees and shipping from the other seller.

      She did so much more than I would have expected anyone to do and I appreciate it so much. ^___^ Thank you so very much! You're an amazingly kind person!
    13. x a [Beautiful] lie x recently bought a blank Nanuri '07 head from me. Payment for the head came almost immediately after the auction, and I was informed once the head arrived safe and sound. An absolute pleasure to deal with, I highly recommend x a [Beautiful] lie x!
    14. x a [Beautiful] lie x bought some Gumdrops eyes from me and was really nice to deal with. She paid super fast too! Thank you! :)
    15. x a [Beautiful] lie x bought my ns Chubby Demon girl from me. She made prompt payments and was really communicative. I'd deal with her again ^.^
    16. x a [Beautiful] lie x participated in the Luts GO I organised, and I'd definitely have no problems doing future business with her. Fast payment, friendly pm's and let me know when her package arrived. Many thanks and thanks for taking part in the group order!