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Feedback for xanthe_roses

Mar 17, 2006

    1. Has anyone heard from xanthe_roses?
      All the people of her Artistic Group order hasn`t heard from her.
      I`ve e-mailed and left messages but as of March 2nd there is no news of her.
      If anyone can give me some info, I`ll post the info on her group order.

      Thank you
    2. she just dissapeared and stole our stuff :| another week and i'll leave her negative feedback, if it would have been a large quantity of money i'd have sued her for sure. ugh
    3. Another week and I am going to host an Artistique group order for all those that got burned if they want to REorder their eyes. I am included in this group. I don't want to have to leave negative feedback for somebody but since I am out the money I paid and have no eyes for my girl that I had hoped for.... yeah.... it isn't looking good.
    4. Oh no acexkeikai, that is awful I hope she comes through....maybe she had a accident ....
    5. Oh no! I hate to hear this. I participated in a group order she hosted (Dollmore) and everything went smoothly...I hope this works out for all of you!
    6. Unfortunatly... She has done this before at least the Dollmore group order some people got their stuff but some people have been waiting since November.

      All we can do really is to make this post to warn people she may not be reliable. Of course, if my stuff manages to arrive I will retract this comment but... I get the feeling I won't. :(
    7. *crosses fingers for you*I hope she comes through...
    8. i had a message from her from yesterday about a transaction i had to cancel with her from no payment. she says shes on hard times right now and hasnt been near a computer. other then that i dont know ^^;
    9. Did any body happen to save her address from an earlier order we could send a registered letter asking whats up.
    10. She responded on the thread stating that she has some "issues" to deal with. Said that she doesn't have internet access and the like.

      Personally I don't EVER buy that excuse from somebody because nearly every library in this country has internet access and last I checked it is usually only chat clients that are locked out of use. I could understand a few days, MAYBE a week, but not this here....

      I might be a bit harsh in this but this was the FIRST group order I ever participated in and I STILL don't have my eyes that I ordered almost two months ago.
    11. I agree with Sat, where there`s a will there is a way. A person from her Dollmore group contacted me to say that she always comes up with excuses. But Noriko who was very sick on her last Group Order, packaged all her orders once she had them and asked her boyfriend to mail the orders.

      Once you commit yourself to something, you must see it through. I agree that waiting a week or two is normal... but we are talking 3 months and more here.
    12. you know, i was going to do the same thing but i just can't believe that she doesn't have access to the internet in one way or another, if we send her a letter maybe she won't answer so, why the bother...anyway, here it is^^

      *i hope this is ok to post here*

      [address removed by moderator]
    13. Yumi, thank you very much for this. I am sending such a letter if my eyes aren't here a week from tomorrow. I have been MORE than patient as have the others in this order. Not having a connection is NOT a reason but an excuse.... and not a good one at that.
    14. I just want to respond to this. When someone is dying, you DON'T have time to get near a computer, especially when that person is a family member. Now, I don't know about all of you, but when someone close to me is dying, then I want to be with them until the end. I plan on going back as soon as possible. You all can call me a liar if you want, really. I know I'm not lying and thats really all that matters. Its sad, when someone's family is dying and people call her a liar. It really is a shame. This is the first time that issues like this have come up during a group order. I could understand if I did it EVERY group order, that you would think I was stealing(which is something I'm too good for), but the past two just got here during quite stressful times.

      Also, I mailed everything off on Wed. save for one item I forgot and will be mailing out today.

      Oh, and Yumi, please edit your post and take out my address... I don't like it being so available for others to see. If you can't then I'll ask a mod. Its not that big of a deal, but yeah, I'd really appricate it.

    15. And yet you say NOTHING about a death in your post. If you had said such, nobody would have given you flack for it. Instead you made it sound like a teenager who threw a hissy fit and got thrown out of her house and was staying with friends.

      If you don't want to be called a liar and what not, clarify. You don't have to go into details, but putting something like "there was a death in the family" would have sufficed. Instead we just got "I don't have access" yet you expect us to remain calm. When it comes to people's money, they RARELY remain calm, and even less are they understanding without SOMETHING to grasp other than what sounded like a poor excuse to begin with.

      I'm sorry that you lost a loved one, but you gotta look at it from our point of view as well. If you reread your post about why you were gone, I am sure you can see where we are coming from.
    16. It's all about communication. The people that entrust you with their money are not psychic. They only know what you tell them. It's unfortunate, but because there are people that do take advantage of others over the internet quite often, people tend to be leary of vague excuses. Also, a few others piped in that this was not a first time occurance.

      Now, you did find access to a computer to see this thread and to deliver a scathing tongue-lashing to the people that were left hanging. Which isn't going to make them or you feel any better. You should have just gave a brief explanation and then given some sort of time-frame they could expect you to attend to your order. I am sure they would have understood no matter what that time-frame was.

      They would have felt better and would probably have apologized to you, you would have felt better not having this hanging over your head and there were be positive feelings all around.
    17. I think you put it best here. Basically nobody had ANY communication. Yet according to her post an email was received, meaning there was some access somewhere. That doesn't leave ME feeling warm and squishy inside.

      We were given a "reason" that didn't sit with most of us. Nothing about a death or anything like that. If ANY of us had heard the word "death" I am sure we would have been a LOT gentler but we didn't have anything to go on.

      You are so right about internet scamming. I have been scammed and they way this has been going.... well it felt like a scam. It doesn't feel too good I'll tell you that. I am sure that a death doesn't either, but without any communication we are left guessing and assuming the worst.
    18. Excuses....so many excuses. I heard them all on a transaction of mine. Honestly, my advice to everyone: do group orders with your friends that you know well. Everyone: be nice, curtious, answer e-mails, stop excuses. Just tell it how it is and we'll have less problems. Some people's parents are even turned away with one bad transaction like mine are. Seriously people, stop screwing with other people, send the eyes, get this done and over with then move on.
    19. I agree with Yura-sama... from now on that is what I am going to do... or pick someone who has had previous well run group orders.

      xanthe_roses, I am sorry for your loss and like others have pointed out, even it were to tell us everything would have been delayed, communication is key if you don`t want people people to think ill of you.

      Thank you Darkrogue, for stating things as they were without taking sides. I myself have tried to stay as neutral as possible but frustration sometimes gets the better of us.

      There are a lot of people on the internet who fraud people. Maybe we jumped the gun, but with no communications for 3 weeks, it`s human nature that comes to play.

      If all is resolved in time, then I have no further complaints.
    20. You know sadly, people also have been using death as an excuse to get away with a lot of online sh*t, because they know people either feel guilty and will let them get away with it or they don't want to look like insensitive a**holes if they ranted at them then.

      I can't even count the times I've heard "...and so and so is such a nice person" "such a sweet person" "I've known them forever" etc, and then be burned by their own words when they find out the person conned them too.

      You have to keep that in mind along with the fact that - EVERYONE deals with death in their families and personal tragedies, so the person you are yelling at for not being sensitive to you, could be dealing with their own crisis and you've just added to things weighing on their mind.

      It's crappy all around, but if you use personal tragedy and hardship as a reason to treat others poorly or be irresponsible, you do a disservice to yourself and them.