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Feedback for Xhanthi

Aug 24, 2010

    1. Any feedback for me can be left here! <3
    2. Xhanthi bought a corset I made from my MP sales thread, paid quickly and left feedback including a photo of the corset in use! thanks so much!
    3. Xhanthi bought a doll from me and the transaction went perfectly! Her payment and responses were prompt and very polite. I would definitely do business with her again. :aheartbea
    4. Hi

      Xhanthi bought a Dollmore Summer Dream Setfrom me. She was very friendly and fun to talk to. I had a blast talking to her. :D She paid very quick~ I would love to do more transactions with her in the future.

      I know her girl is enjoying her new clothes~! I'm happy I could have helped you! :aheartbea

      - Lum Out -
    5. Xhanti bought an outfit of mine prompt transaction great communication no problem ^_^
    6. xhanti purchased a vgw mnf head from me, she paid promptly, was a joy to talk to and I highly recommend doing business with her <3

      Hope your new girl fits in! ^_^
    7. Hi

      Xanthi bought a Dollmore Summer Set for MSD in Black from me. She was super friendly when I talked to her. I really enjoyed talking to her and providing an outfit for her cute girl that was on the way. She paid quickly and promptly. She's an excellent buyer. :)

      Enjoy the clothes. :D

      - Lum Out -
    8. LOL!

      Lul-Lum, you already left feedback for me :P
    9. Xhanthi commissioned a Steampunk costume from me. She was wonderful to work for and I think we both had a great time designing it! Thank you!!!
    10. Xhanthi bought a pair of eyes from me. She was awesome to deal with, sent payment quickly and let me know as soon as they arrived. I'd definitely sell to her again. Thanks so much!! ^^
    11. Xhanthi bought a pair of MSD stockings from me, paid promptly as usual. Always happy to deal with her!
    12. xhanthi purchased some MNF shoes from my sales thread and was a complete pleasure to work with! Very friendly communication and prompt payment. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!
    13. bought a pair of MSD shorts from me everything went really well
      thanks alot!
    14. Sold clothes to Xhanthi. Great friendly communication, quick payment, and just a great person! Thank you so much!
    15. I sold an MNF Miyu head to Xhanthi, and the transaction went smoothly throughout. Friendly communication, prompt payment and she let me know when the head arrived. Thanks muchly! :)
    16. Xhanthi bought a pair of glass eyes from me, and she was great. The transaction went very smoothly, prompt payment, and she was very patient with me as I went through some difficult situations. Thanks again Xhanthi!
    17. Xanthi purchased a PukiFee Bonnie from me, and everything went perfectly ! I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again ..highly recommend. Thanks again.
    18. Xhanthi bought some resin antlers and a tail from my sales thread. She paid promptly and let me know when they arrived. A wonderful buyer~
      Thank you ~
    19. Xhanthi adopted the faceplate for a PukiFee Ante from me. The transaction was completed really fast and communication is always friendly. I would be more than happy to encourage transactions with Xhanthi. She is a great buyer and I would trust her as a seller anytime.

      It was wonderful meeting you in the marketplace and I hope to continue the chatter with you ;-)
    20. I recently sold a wig to Xhanthi. The transaction was 100% perfect and she was wonderful to deal with! Prompt payment, fantastic communication... couldn't be happier. Thanks so much!