Feedback for Xila

Sep 19, 2016

    1. Hello, hello! I'm starting to browse the marketplace, so I suppose I should have one of these. :) Thank you for doing business with me!
    2. Xila purchased a couple of wigs from me. Communication was great and payment was prompt, great buyer :)
    3. Xila bought a wig from me. It was a pleasant transaction and she let me know when the wig arrived. Would gladly do business with her again. :)
    4. Xila bought a pair of eyes from me and it was a lovely transaction. I would gladly do business with them again. Thank you! ^^
    5. Xila purchased 2x wigs from me and she was a sweetheart to do business with! Payment was super fast and communication was friendly + she was so kind to let me know when the wigs had arrived safely at her place :kitty2
    6. I responded to Xila's WTB thread for a pair of Fifth Motif hands. Excellent communication, sent payment quickly and let me know once she received her package. An absolute pleasure to deal with! Thank you!
    7. Xila bought a pair of eyes from me, and it was a simple and pleasant transaction, she also gave me the much-appreciated update upon the arrival of the item on her end~ thank you! <3
    8. Xila bought shoes from me, she was quick to pay, easy to communicate with and overall transaction was smooth and great.
    9. Positive Transaction

      I sold some clothing to Xila and it was an excellent transaction. Communication was fast and friendly, payment cane quickly and I was updated when the package arrived. I would happily work with this buyer again, thanks!
    10. Thank you Xila for a lovely transaction!! Prompt and very friendly communication!
      AND she let me know the dress arrived safely too!
      Thanks for a wonderful transaction!!!
    11. Just sold a pair of white heeled SD shoes to Xila-san. Super friendly, communicative and prompt! Perfect transaction and she's a highly recommended asset to DoA!

      Thanks again! God bless!
    12. Xila purchased a pair of SD shoes from me and was wonderful to deal with! They paid promptly and told me as soon as the shoes arrived. 10/10 buyer! :D:aheartbea
    13. Positive feedback to the max!

      Xila purchased a pair of shoes from me and paid right away. she let me know when they arrived.

      Very pleasant transaction and no problems at all.
    14. Xila bought a pair of boots from me. All our communication was fast and pleasant, payment was quick, and let me know when they had arrived. It was an easy and pleasant transaction and I'd be happy to do business with her again in the future.
    15. Xila purchased an item of SD clothing from me, it was an excellent transaction! Her communication was great, payment was fast and she let me know as soon as the item arrived. I highly recommend Xila as a buyer :)
    16. Xila bought from me Volks brown boots. The deal passed quickly, the buyer was always in touch, quickly transferred money in full.
      I highly recommend Xila as an excellent and reliable buyer! :love An absolute pleasure to deal with! Thank you! :3nodding:
    17. I had a very lovely transaction with Xila! She sent payment for the item right away, very fast! And she was so friendly and wonderful throughout the whole experience. She let me know when the sweater arrived as well!
      I highly recommend Xila as a buyer!
    18. Xila purchased some socks from me. Everything went smoothly and she let me know when they arrived ^^
    19. Thank you so much, Xila-san!! :)
      Xila-san just purchased some doll hands from me---she was ultra fast in payment, friendly, communicative, understanding and she even offered to pay me extra! WOW! Can't recommend her enough! Truly, a wonderful asset to DoA!
      God bless!

    20. Xila purchased a pair of 5th Motif hands from me. She was very communicative, prompt in payment, and very willing to work with the shipping and insurance. She was sweet to converse with as well and even put down extra payment as insurance. Truly one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. I highly recommend this buyer, she makes any interaction a pleasant one.