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Feedback for Xuan Ye-Amber

Nov 11, 2010

    1. I sold a Volks SD13 body to her and it was a simple transaction. She was very friendly in all PMs and very polite. Highly recommended.
    2. Xuan Ye-Amber bought some clothing from me. She was awesome. Paid right away, and let me know when the items arrived. I'd happily work with her or recommend her to anyone~~ Thank you!
    3. ~Positive~
      Xua Ye purchased some SD clothes from me. She is a doll to sell to; she paid promptly and let me know as soon as the items arrived. Thank you ! ^__^
    4. Xuan Ye-Amber purchased clothes and wig from me. She was really sweet and everything went perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell with her in the future.

      Thanks again!
    5. Xuan bought a few items from my shop, she payment was fast, her communication was excellent, and she let me know when she received the package. Highly recommended. :)
    6. Sold some outfits to Xuan Ye-Amber who was great with communication and payment was fast. A wonderful buyer. Thank you.
    7. I sold her a Leeke school outfit set. She paid very fast and let me know when the outfit arrived! Thanks!
    8. Sold a bunch of wigs to her. Great transaction. Very polite in asking questions. Paid promptly and let me know when items had arrived. Recommend.
    9. I sold a set of yosd outfit to Xuan Ye-Amber. She paid fast and we had great communication! Absolutely a great buyer! Thank you so much! ^__^
    10. Good buyer, Nice communication hope to do business wiht her again!
    11. Sold some wigs and eyes to Xuan Ye-Amber. Communication was smooth, payment was prompt, and she pmed me when items arrived. I'm happy with this transaction. Thank you again!
    12. I sold a Soom MD Syen to Xuan Ye-Amber, the transaction went very smooth, communication was great, she paid very prompt and she contacted me when the Syen arrived. Overall a very positive experience and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. Thanks!
    13. Xuan Ye-Amber bought some SD Girl dresses from me~

      Paid promptly and let me know as soon as the items arrived~ Generally really awesome to deal with :aheartbea Thanks for a great transaction!
    14. Xuan bought a wig and a pair of eyes from me and everything went really well ^^
    15. Sold some items to Xuan Ye-Amber.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks very very much! ^0^
    16. Sold a dress to Xuan Ye-Amber and everything went very well. I would gladly transact with her again and time and recommend her 110% to everyone!!

      Thankyou very much ((><))
    17. Xuan Ye-Amber recently purchased from me two 8-9 wigs and one pair of glass eyes. Communication was succinct, prompt and friendly, payment was quick and overall it was a wonderfully smooth transaction.

      I would highly recommend Xuan Ye-Amber for any future transactions. (:
    18. I joined a GO that Xuan Ye ran. I got my clothes quickly and packaged well. I would absolutely join another GO that she ran.
    19. Xuan Ye-Amber bought a wig from me. Her payment was very fast. Thank you!
    20. I bought a Sphaler head from Xuan Ye-Amber and she went out of her way to be sure he was shipped safely and quickly, and she is so nice in PMs! Thank you so much!