Feedback for xuri

Apr 5, 2007

    1. if anyone had a transaction with me before, please leave your feedback here!
    2. bought a shirt from me! smooth transaction, great buyer!
    3. xuri bought some clothing from me, and was very nice to deal with! was also kind enough to let me know when it arrived~ Recommended~ Thank you!
    4. I sold some MSD clothes to xuri ^^. She kept very good contact and paid in time! Thank you very much, please enjoy!
    5. Xuri bought an Elf Ivan from me and was very timely with her payments. Good communication - I highly recommend xuri!:)
    6. Thank you for commissioning me! ^_^ Great communication, provided lots of helpful information and was very patient. :D
    7. xuri bought a wig and a pair of boots from me. Everthing is fine. Fast and smooth transaction!! Thank you!!!
    8. xuri purchased a cloak from me. Very friendly communication and quick payment. Would love to do business with again. ^_^ Thanks so much!
    9. Xuri purchased an AS Ash head from me on layaway. Kept to layaway's terms, had great commnication. Wonderful transaction. :)
    10. Xuri joined my Luts GO. Communications was good and payment was prompt.
      Thanks for joining my GO. =)
    11. she got Tohya from me today. very cute and friendly! great transaction! :)
    12. I bought an outfit from Xuri and she was very nice to deal with. She shipped fast, kept up communication, and answered any questions that I had.
    13. xuri bought an outfit from me on Layaway and was excellent! she was very friendly and prompt with all her payments! she's a wonderful buyer <3

      thank you!^^
    14. I sent my payment for a GO to xuri. It was a great experience!

      xuri answered any questions I had in the beginning. It was very helpful since it was the first GO I was involved in. Thank you! ^_^
    15. I was part of the Lelouch MNM GO Xuri hosted.
      She was incredibly friendly, always prompt with
      her replies, and polite! Xuri was an excellent host,
      very responsible through and through. ^______^

      - Enzyme ^.^
    16. Part of the Lelouch GO.
      Xuri was very polite and answered all questions promptly.
    17. I also participated in Xuri's Lelouch minimee GO, as was very pleased with the whole experience. The GO was very organized and she always kept us updated during the whole process. Thank you so much! :aheartbea