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Feedback for xxashleaxx

Jun 4, 2008

    1. I've bought a few things from some people here on DOA and I'm planning to be selling some things as well, so I thought I should make a feedback thread for myself. If I've bought things from you or have sold things to you, I'd love to hear what you have to say! ^^
    2. Ashlea commissioned a set of DoT clothes from me. Wonderful communication, pleasant to work with. She let me know of the problems and things quickly. Highly recommended.
    3. Ashlea bought a cute little red and black plaid coat, scarf and jeans from us. Great communication and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!
    4. Ashlea bought a doll sword from me and everything went just fine. She even let me know when it arrived. Thanks, Ashlea!
    5. Ashlea participated in my fifth group order for Dollmore and everything went through wonderfully well. :) She paid invoices quickly, kept up great communication on her end and was an overall pleasure to deal with. :D Highly recommended!!

      :clover Thank you for participating in this group order!! I hope that your experience was a pleasing one. :clover
    6. Ashlea bought several clothing items from me recently. She paid promptly after confirmation, and was very friendly throughout the transaction. I'd definitely recommend her to everyone Thank you once again!
    7. Ashlea bought a black blazer from me.. fast communication.. paid very promptly and quickly.. pleasant to work with...

      thanks alot!! :lol:
    8. I sold a wig to xxashleaxx and the transaction went perfectly. She was friendly, prompt in paying and let me know when the wig arrived. Thanks so much :)
    9. I sold Limited Elf Kirill Outfit to xxashleaxx.
      She was just perfect!!
      Highly recommended ^^
    10. Ashlea bought a pair of 12mm glass eyes from me. She paid on time and informed me promptly after the item has arrived :) She also entertained my silly little request to see her boy in them xD

      It was a pleasure doing business with her. I definitely would do it again :)
    11. xxxAshleaxxx participated in my first dollmore group order. Her payment was very prompt and she was easy to work with.

      Thanks for helping make this GO run so smoothly~ <3
    12. xxashleaxx participated in my Dollmore GO. She was wonderful to work with. Thank you.
    13. Ashlea is an absolute sweetheart. This buyer picked up a pair of doll hands from me, and was always quick to communicate, pleasant, flexible, and above all, a very nice girl to deal with.

      She was setting up a new paypal account in the middle of our transaction, and though it caused a bit of a mix up, no harm was done (none of it was her fault. Paypal itself became confused. XD.) and Ashlea was vigilant in communication, letting me know everything that was going on (she even called me on the phone, and I had a pleasant evening talking with her! :D!) and I appreciate all the effort her and her mother had to go through to get these hands to her.

      Payment cleared on this date (08/07/09)and I am more than happy to have dealt with this 'shining star' buyer. I would be thrilled to do business again!

      I hope Damien loves his new hands (and keeps them!), the pics look GREAT so far! =D
    14. I recently bought a Breakaway head from here and everything was wonderful! She kept in contact and put up with any questions I had. I recommend her to anyone! <3
    15. Great buyer. Immediate payment ^__^
    16. xxashleaxx participated in a Luts group order I ran recently. She was a wonderful participant who was prompt in both communication and payment. Thank you for participating in my group order!
    17. xxashleaxx purchased Amber from me. She is very sweet and friendly. The transaction is pleasant and she is a lovely buyer. Thank you very much for the patience during the long shipping process ^ ^
    18. xxAshleaxx participated in my fifth Glass Eyes and my second Canvas Shoes group orders and she was lovely to deal with on both occasions. She kept me informed of what was going on on her end and paid her invoices when promised. I'd do business with her again anytime~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    19. xxashleaxx and I traded soom amber heads (I had the default faceup, she had the blank one, so we switched). She shipped fast and communication was great; the head arrived in excellent condition! Thanks so much!
    20. xxashleaxx ordered a custom fur wig from me and was a fantastic customer! She was quick with communications and very clear with what she wanted for her customization. Quick payment as well, and overall lovely. Thanks!