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Feedback for xxbloodyxromancexx

Oct 21, 2007

    1. I dont think xxbloodyxromancexx has one...

      Bought MNF chiwoo head from me :)..
      Great buyer, paied straight away.. Very patient and lovely to deal with... a great buyer... would recommend to all sellers :)

      Thanks :)
    2. xxbloodyxromancexx bought a pair of boots from me. Fast and smooth transactions! Thank you !!! :)
    3. Bloodyromance bought some eyes from me recently, paid immediatly and communicated promptly. I highly recommend her and enjoyed working with her!!!
    4. xxbloodyxromancexx joined a GO I ran ~ She was excellent to deal with and I would definately have her in another one without a second thought! A++++ as a GO-er! Paid super fast and was really patient while waiting for the packages to arrive to me!

      Thanks so much!! :D
    5. just bought a lovely dollzone felian from xxbloodyxromancexx and it is great!! doll was all that was promised and more xxbloodyxromancexx even sent some extras!! she is very patient and a real pleasure to deal with considerate and kind all over awesome person would be happy to deal with her again!!!
    6. Joined my D.I.M. Group Order... always paid asap, and was a pleasure to deal with! :3nodding:
    7. Bought an Afra head from me. I put it on hold for a few days for her but she paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much :aheartbea
    8. I bought a pair of MSD white boots from xxbloodyxromancexx. A pleasure to deal with; she was very polite and professional, and I'm very happy with the product.
      Thanks so much!
    9. I bought a doll Benetia half closed eyes from xxbloodyromancexx , and the communication was pleasant and friendly .

      She send the doll really fast, really wel packaged and she help me when the doll was cought by customs.
      A great seller, will deal again with an enormous pleasure !
    10. xxbloodyxromancexx bought a B&G body from me. Quick to pay and let me know when she got the body. I'd recommend making sure this buyer is aware of exactly what they are purchasing so no one is upset in the end of the transaction. Overall though a good buyer.
    11. I just bought a b&g body from xxbloodyxromancexx and she is simply wonderful! A truely amazing seller! She is very good with communication and prices! She was a joy to buy from! Thank you very much!