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Feedback for XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX

Jan 25, 2012

    1. If I buy, swap, trade, or you buy something from me, please post feedback here!
    2. Oh, yay! I get to leave the first feedback for this wonderful buyer! XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX bought two necklaces from me. Friendly PMs and FAST payment! Highly recommended!!!

      Thanks so much for your business!!!:D
    3. XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX participated in a swap I hosted, and she was very prompt in her shipping. She was nice to everyone and there were no complications.
    4. XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX commissioned me to blush and give a faceup to her B&G Sandra. She was super sweet, and a dear to talk to, and I would absolutely love to deal with her again!
    5. XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX joined my Dream of Tale Group Order recently and was a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend.
    6. Sold a dress to her and everything went great!
    7. XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX bought a dress from me. Communication was fast and payment was prompt. I''d do business with her again.
    8. XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX participated in my soom Ace group order. Communication was up to par and payments were sent very fast! I love working with her :D thank you !
    9. Positive! XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX bought a wig from me recently. She paid quickly and was very understanding when I became ill and took a couple extra days to get it out to her.
    10. XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX purchased an sd13 sized yukata from me. Communication was fast and payment sent promptly as well. Overall it was a simple and pleasant experience. I would gladly do business with her again and recommend her to others.
    11. XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX join my split of SOOM Ace and get human doll. Everything went very smooth, great communication, quick payment, let me know when the item arrived. thanks again for a wonderful transaction XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX! welcome you join my split again!:)
    12. xXPretty-Dead-GirlxX commissioned me for a second time to do give her Soom Ace a face, body blushing, and to blush her fox ears. She's such a dear to work with and very patient and nice, too! She let me know what she wanted, and payment was prompt! I'd for sure deal with her again! ^ ^
    13. I bought a Soom Ace from XxPretty-Dead-GirlxX and the transaction was great! She had wonderful communication, was agreeable and pleasant, and shipped immediately after I paid. I would recommend her as a seller anytime :) Thanks so much!