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Feedback for XxReveriexX120

Feb 13, 2012

    1. Hello, I'm starting my feedback thread for transactions here on Den of Angels. Any feedback you have is welcome and I look forward to dealing with new people :)
    2. XxReveriexX120 bought MSD size clothes from me and I'm really happy with the transaction. Great communications, the payment came in really fast. A very reliable and honest buyer!!! Highly recommended!
    3. I sold some clothes to XxReveriexX120 and the transaction went smoothly! Would deifnitely do business again! Highly Recommended :D
    4. XxReveriexX120 purchased a faux fur wig from me and everything went perfectly! She paid super fast and even let me know when the wig arrived! Thank you so much ^_^
    5. XxReveriexX120 bought a wig from me, and she was super awesome to deal with! She paid quickly, and let me know when the wig arrived. Thank you so much! I would do business with her again!
    6. XxReveriexX120 participated in my Eye for an Eye swap, and was the perfect swapper -- great communication & prompt shipping. Thanks again! :kitty2
    7. XxReveriexX120 was a participant in my MSD wig swap.
      She shipped in a timely manner.
      However, due to a postal mix up, the package has been lost; despite the fact that XxReveriexX120 got tracking. I am not holding this against her, since her partners' mail service lady is new on the job and it is highly likely it got lost in the shuffle; but the tracking is stopped dead in her recipients city as delivered.

      I am leaving her a positive because she hit every mark she needed when she shipped out. I will update though, if the package does surface to mention quality of the wig, etc, but for now, she just has a positive.

      I would gladly accept XxReveriexX120 into any of my future swaps at this point :3
    8. XxReveriexX120 bought a Bobobie Song from me and paid right away and has been wonderfully sweet to deal with :aheartbea
    9. XxReveriexX120 bought clothes from me for her doll. She paid instantly and got excellent communication. It was a perfect transaction. Thanks so much. :D
    10. I sold some eyes to XxReveriexX120. A very pleasant seller to work with! Polite and fast communication in all messages. Payment was sent very timely. I was notified when the eyes arrived. I would recommend and would happily sell to again. Thanks!! :thumbup
    11. XxReveriexX120 took part in my Eye Swap and she was great to have in the swap! the eyes were sent on time and i was notified when the eyes came in. Thanx for take part in my swap!! ^_^
    12. She bought headphones for her doll from me and it was a perfcet transaction. Fast communivations and payment. Highly recommended! :)
    13. POSITIVE!

      Very lovely to deal with! I sold two MSD/MNF shirts to Reverie and it was a perfect transaction! Very polite, good communication, and let me know when the items arrived and provided pictures! Thank you! Recommended buyer! :D
    14. Great buyer!! Super fast payment and excellent communication as always! She even let me know when the package arrived! It's a pleasure doing business with XxReveriexX120 every single time. I highly recommend her, thank you so much!
    15. Wonderful buyer :) Bought some eyes from me and the transaction went really smoothly! I'd love to do business with her again!

      Thanks so much dear <333
    16. XxReveriexX120 bought a Tata's Paradise suit and shoes and the transaction was smooth and pleasant from start to finish. Her communication was stellar and prompt. I highly recommend her!
    17. I've done quite a few transactions with XxReveriexX120 over the past few months, including group orders, trades and buying/selling items. All transactions went smoothly and payments were done immediately or when agreed upon. I'd definitely recommend them to others!
    18. &#8203;&#8203;XxReveriexX120 &#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;bought two pairs of eyes from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope your little ones like the eyes! :kitty2
    19. XxReveriexX120 is an awesome buyer! She purchased some YOSD items I had listed but because of some life circumstances my shipping was delayed. I really appreciate how patient and understanding she was in this situation! I highly recommend this buyer! :D
    20. Just participated in a trade with XxReveriexX120, and everything went incredibly smooth! She was very sweet, didn't hesitate to ask questions, and shipped quickly! She even threw in some great extras! Couldn't ask for a better trade partner :) Highly recommended!