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Feedback for Yaminoji

Sep 12, 2009

    1. Feedback post is here.:)
    2. Tia is a really kind and sympathethic person. I enjoyed communicating with her through the whole transaction so much and hope that we will stay in contact ^^. I bought a B-El from her and she described + packed him very well :aheartbea
      She cares very well for all of her dolls :D
      I highly recommend her!!! :aheartbea
    3. Tia bought a Fairyland MNF body from me. There was a slight hiccup on the payment, but it was done on the promised date. There were also some complications with the shipping (took longer than expected), but Tia was understanding and patient and trusting about the situation. Overall, it was a successful transaction, and Tia is a great person to transact with. Thank you!
    4. Yaminoji bought a Migidoll Cho head from me and she was extremely great to deal with. Fast payment, quick pm's and she let me know immediately when the head had arrived :)

      Highly recommended as buyer. Thank you so much!
    5. Yaminoji took part in the split I organised for the romantic head and body of Soom Shale.
      She was lovely to communicate with, and always very eager to pay fast ^^

      I thank her for being so patient despite a little postal problem, and for always replying promptly to my PMs <3

      I happily recommend her to other DoA members as a buyer :D

      Thank you!