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Feedback for YamiYuki

Oct 8, 2010

    1. I sold a pair of eyes to YamiYuki. The transaction was smooth, payment fast and communication friendly. A good buyer- thank you!
    2. YamiYuki ordered two wigs for me. very nice and great communication . great buyer. thank you so much !~~ and looking forward to serve you again^^
    3. YamiYuki bought doll shoes from me and it was an excellent transaction- fast payment and great communication.
      I recommend YamiYuki to other buyers and sellers :)
    4. Yamiyuki purchased an elfdoll vivien head from me.
      Yamiyuki opted to do layaway and was a pleasure to work with on the sale. Always paid on time, great communication, very highly recommended. thank you so much ^________^
    5. I purchased an Aprilstory boy body on layaway from YamiYuki and it was probably one of the best transactions I've ever experienced! :D:D Yami was extremely patient and incredibly understanding waiting for my payments througout the layaway! Body arrived in record time and was packaged extremely well (I mean each and every piece and ball-joint carefully and painstakingly secured in bubble wrap) :kitty2
      The body fits my boy perfectly and I could not be happier!
    6. YamiYuki is a really great seller! I bought of her a beautiful crobidolls wig. The transaction was perfectly!
      Thank you very much YamiYuki!
    7. YamiYuki bought a Soom Amber head from me and everything was nice ^^ payment was prompt, all messages were polite and fast answered! I had a great time dealing with YamiYuki an I wouldn't hesitate doing business again! Thank you very much!
    8. I bought a Dollmore Claudia Neel head from YamiYuki and it was a pleasure to deal with her :)
      It is an older low priced head, but it arrived in absolute prestine condition. The head was packed with lots of care and the shipping was lightning fast.
      I highly recommend YamiYuki as seller :aheartbea