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Feedback for Yanagi

Aug 3, 2007

    1. I've had some transactions on DOA...

      So, if I've had a transaction with you please leave feedback here :)

      ebay: yanagi225

      Thank You!
    2. I made a dress on commission for Yanagi: she's very nice and the transaction went very well^^

    3. I sold a wig to Yanagi and it was a great transaction! She was friendly, paid promptly and informed me as soon as the wig arrived! A wonderful buyer!
    4. Participated in one of my group orders! Very prompt payer, thank you! ^^
    5. Sold a skirt to her and had a great transaction! She is a very sweet and understanding buyer and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again!
    6. I sold to Yanagi and everything was perfect n__n Thanks again!
    7. Yanagi bought shoes from me, and she's been a really sweet person to deal with XD

      Thank you! <3
    8. Yanagi bought a wig from me. Payment was super-speedy and communication was friendly. Highly recommended! ^_^
    9. Yanagi bought a hoodie and a pair of pants from me and she paid as soon as I sent her a total. Very quickly!

      She's very sweet and easy to deal with. :D It was a definite pleasure to sell her my first items. I highly recommend her and would gladly do business with her again~
    10. I sold to Yanagi again, and it was a perfect transaction~ Thanks again!
    11. This is my second time doing business with Yanagi. :) This time, she took part in my Dollmore group order and just as pleasant to deal with as before! :D Payments were made on time and communication was awesome. :D

      Thanks for being such a great participant~

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    12. Yanagi bought some clothes from me and paid promptly and was a wonderful customer!
    13. Yanagi participated in a group order that I ran for shoes... always paid FAST and was a pleasure to deal with.

      THANK YOU Yanagi! :)
    14. Yanagi took part in one of my Dollmore group orders, and everything was perfect as usual ;)

      A delight to work with you, thank you! <3
    15. Yanagi recently bought an El head from me that I bought from another DoA member, and it has been a wonderfully smooth transaction. :D She was very prompt and friendly with PMs, paid very fast, and let me know when the parcel arrived. I definitely recommend her to anyone!!

      Thank you so much again for everything--it's been a pleasure!! =D
    16. [SIZE="-10"]Yanagi was a participant in my Dollmore group order yet again and everything, as expected, went wonderfully, for which this group order coordinator is definitely appreciative of. :D Payments were made quickly, communication was kept up very well on her end and it was an all around pleasure to deal with with her. I look forward to the next transaction we make~

      :clover Thank you so much for always being such an awesome person to do business with!! :clover
    17. Yanagi purchased a dress set from me, paid promptly and kept great communication! Thanks again ^^
    18. Yanagi participated in another one of my group orders... she's absolutely wonderful to work with... I highly recommend her! :)

      (Sorry it took me so long to leave feedback.)
    19. Yanagi recently bought a wig from me. She sent payment when she promised she would, and communication was very friendly all the way. Two thumbs up! :thumbup:thumbup I'd recommend her anytime!
    20. This is my fourth time dealing with Yanagi in general terms and my third time deal with her in a group order. This time she participated in my Shoes & Boots group order. As I've said several times before, she's always pleasure to deal with and this transaction was no different. :D

      :clover Thank you for participating in another one of my group orders and being so great once again!! :clover