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Feedback for yanjin45 ^^

May 12, 2010

    1. yanjin45 let me kindly to buy using layaway an SDgr body from her. She was always extremely nice and polite when talking to each other and faster anwered to everyone of my messages. Worried about how to ship the body so i can avoid the customs fee from my country ^^ and after that sent it to me very well protected. I have no doubt that i will gladly deal with her in future if she allows me to do.

      thank you so much for this wonderful transaction sweetie ^^ !! yo've been so nice !!
    2. Thank you soo much !
      I really appreciate it very much!!
      It can successfully reach. I am most happy 。
    3. I bought Okita head and clothes from yanjin45 and have a wonderful transaction :)
      My boy was well wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. Will gladly deal with her in the future :D
    4. I bought a Okita SDGr and everything went perfect. Yanjin has been a very kind and pleasant seller and offered many facilities. The boy has arrived in perfect condition. I'll gladly be a repeating customer. :D
      Thank you very much!!
    5. I bought YOSD from yanjin45
      She's very fast at pming back
      Great transaction!
      And also did everything I request!
      Thank you again!!!
    6. I bought a Volks DDy limited outfit from Yanjin45. It arrived safe and sound and in perfect condition. Top notch seller. :)
    7. I purchased a YoSD from yanjin45....very professional and a pleasure to deal with.
      Wonderful seller :chocoberry
      thank you so much...I am very happy ! :D

      xxoo kate
    8. I purchased a Volks YoSD Chika from yanjin45~!

      Everything went on perfectly! She replied to all my PMs promptly, accepted a layaway plan and is a very nice and sweet person to speak with! She also shipped Chika fast and she arrived home safe and sound! :)

      Chika arrived in great condition, very well-packed! I almost thought I had received a doll directly from Dolpa. X3 I absolutely love her to pieces. <3
      yanjin45 is a great seller and I'd never hesitate in dealing with her again. Thank you so much and see you around, dear!

    9. I bought a Kakeru from yanjin45 using a layaway. She was very patient with me and shipped him quickly after the last payment was sent. I really enjoyed doing business with her. Thank you so much!
    10. Just had a wonderful, flawless transaction with yanjin ! Her communication is very consistent and friendly, payment is super fast, and it was an overall very smooth transaction . I definitely look forward to working with yanjin again and highly recommend her to anyone!

      Thank you so much , yanjin !
      Myrtle in CA
    11. I sold my SD16 Amelia to Yanjin. She's prompt with payment, quick with communication, and everything went smoothly. Thank you so much!
    12. I did a faceup commission for yanjin. She is really pleasant and friendly to deal with. Communication was good but was a bit slower when she was away for vacation as one would expect.
      Thanks so much for letting me paint your girl! :>
    13. I bought a head + clothes from yanjin45. She responses to all pms quickly and politely. She is also very kind and nice. Items were shipped out very quickly and arrived safely. I'd love to deal with her again in the future A+. Thank you so much!