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Feedback for Yaya

Jan 4, 2007

    1. :) thanks for your feedback!
    2. I have sold to Yaya my Tender Bee-A, payment received without problems :)
    3. Miss Yaya commissioned me, and was EXTREMELY patient and an absolute doll to work with!! ♥
    4. Pleasent to work with, fast payment, and good communication. A++! :)
    5. Lovely buyer. Paid within a reasonable amount of time, great communication and generally sweet to deal with. You're welcome back to the Faerie's Bazaar anytime, Yaya! :)
    6. Yaya just placed an order with me, for fun-fur wigs.

      WOW!!! What quick payment! Excellent communication! Really really really great buyer!!! THANK YOU!!! Come again!

      :love :love :love
    7. I sold two sweaters to Yaya..
      She is quite nice and paid very fast..
      It's happy to deal with her..
      Highly recommend! X3
    8. Yaya bought a pair of eyes from me.
      Excellent communication and very prompt payment! She's a very sweet girl too ^^
      Definitely looking forward to more transactions with her! :D :D :D
    9. ++++positive++++
      Yaya bought the RuddyPeach Glass Eyes from me.
      Nice buyer and fast payment. Highly recommend!^O^/

      I hope I will trade with you again~Thanks~m(_ _)m
    10. An awesome buyer! Yaya bought some eyes from me and while they took forever to get them sent out (I don't think my post office knows what they're doing), they arrived with little problem, and they look absolutely fantastic, I'm so happy someone can use them! ^_^ I give Yaya an A+++++!
    11. :D
      had a wonderful transaction
      will work with again for sure <3
    12. Bought a beautiful Dollheart dress from Yaya, had a great transaction, many thanks and hope to deal with you again someday :)
    13. I had a very pleasent transaction experiance with Yaya! Thanks so much, I would love to do buissiness again!:)
    14. Yaya bought some glass eyes from me.
      All went smooth and perfect! ^^

      I purchased a Delf If from Yaya. The doll was poorly packaged, wrapped loosely in bubble wrap, with some gauze simply thrown into the box with her pillows. The head was attached to the body, but the body was strung loosely, so at some point in shipping, the head was jerked sharply to the side. This resulted in a broken neck on the body, a large chunk of resin broken out, which can be repaired but not without visible signs of the repair. Additionally, the pillows and body were grimy, and the Luts doll box was wrapped only in paper, with no outer shipping box. The handwritten address was on the top of the box, and the EMS paperwork was on the bottom of the box, so the package spent time in shipping upside-down.

      I paid for EMS shipping including insurance, but Yaya was unable to get a response from EMS in Italy, and U.S. EMS would not process the claim because it originated in Italy, so as far as I know, there is no insurance refund. The window for a PayPal dispute closes soon, so Yaya agreed to refund only $175.

      Yaya responded to PMs in a reasonable amount of time, and did issue the refund.

      However, I would caution against purchasing resin items from this seller, because of struggles with packaging resin parts and continuing, well-known problems with Italian post.
    16. I bought a MNF Shiwoo from Yaya. The transaction was very smooth. He arrived very quickly and very securely packed. I would definitely do business with Yaya again.