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Feedback for yooperjim

Mar 8, 2009

    1. Couldn't find one that was already started, so here we go! Leave feedback for your transactions with the the member yooperjim here. ^_^

      I recently sold a Bobobie Weylin doll and a DIM Andrea head with faceup work to Jim, and he was a wonderful customer. He was very helpful in showing what kind of faceup work he wanted for Weylin (he did a digital version for me to work from!). We had timely, friendly communication and his payment was prompt. Excellent buyer, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again!

      Have fun with the new boys!
    2. yooperjim bought a DIM love boy body from me. He paid fast and was a delight and easy to deal with. I hope he enjoys the body and hope his floating head likes it as well. Hugs, MK
    3. yooperjim Bought my DiM Elf head from me <3
      He paid quickly, was a delight to deal with and he Let me know that the head arrived Safe and sound.~ <3

      Cheers! -
    4. Bought a bunch of SD clothes and boots from me, fast payment and good communication. Would happily do business with yooperjim again!
    5. yooperjim bought minifee Woosoo elf vampire from me and was a total sweetheart to deal with. He was responsive and the comms were always swift and extremely pleasant, what a lovely DOAer, I recommend yooperjim 1000% to everyone and would gladly transact with him again any time.
      Thankyou so much ((><)) X
    6. YooperJim was apart of our beginners swap. He hasn't been on since April 22 2011 and after multiple attempts by his partner and myself to contact him we have not gotten a reply. We have listed him as a swap ditcher, and I will be making sure his partners get something in return.
    7. Super nice person to sell to! I was impressed. And he told me when he received the doll and let me know it arrived okay. Thank you so much!!!!
    8. yooperjim bought my Puki Darjeeling and was perfect to deal with. Such a nice person, prompt payment, let me know when the packaged arrived and I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much !
    9. yooperjim bought a LTF Elf Chiwoo from me in a perfectly smooth transaction. Paid quickly, and very pleasant to talk to in PMs. Thanks again!