Feedback for Yotty

Dec 28, 2016

    1. I think I got enough things to be able to make a feedback thread... I think! Feel free to leave your feedback here, and specify buying or selling transaction (though most likely, I was mainly buying haha!)
    2. Yotty participated in my LUTS GO. Quick payments and friendly to deal with, would gladly do business with again.
    3. Yotty bought a pair of Dollmore Zboots from me. It was an overall excellent transaction! All communication was friendly and fast. Payment was sent immediately and I was notified as soon as the boots arrived. I would be happy to sell to again and recommend Yotty as a buyer. Thanks again for an overall perfect transaction!
    4. Yotty purchased a Lucifer AS Head from me and the transaction was super smooth. Friendly communication and fast payment. Yotty let me knew when everything arrived safe! Wouldn't hesitate to transact with again!
    5. Yotty participated in my rRabbit group order! She paid promptly, was always quick with communication, and let me know once her order made it to her place. Great experience! Would happily work with her again.
    6. Yotty participated in an Alice's Collections group order I hosted. :D

      Her order was clear, all communication was quick, and payments were very prompt. :) She was a pleasure to have in the GO, and I'd be happy to have her join one in the future.

      Thanks so much Yotty!
    7. This is so late, but I wanted to say that Yotty is a pleasure to work with! She bought a MSD dress from me and was super nice and patient. Even when there was an issue with shipping, she was very understanding and accommodating. Thank you again Yotty and happy shopping! :chibi