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Feedback for you.died101

Dec 4, 2011

    1. Anyone have any feedback from transactions? :)
    2. Sold a doll to her great buyer payed promptly and stayed in really good communication ^__^ great transaction
    3. Sold a Fairyland Feeple sword to you.died101, Paid promptly and was friendly through the whole transaction. Thanks!
    4. you.died101 bought a SD head from me, it was a perfect transaction. payment was prompt, and communication was good throughout. she let me know the head arrived safely.... great buyer.
    5. you.died101 bought my PukiPuki Rose. She was lovely to work with; she paid everything promptly and maintained good communication throughout. I received confirmation and feedback from her as soon as she received the doll. It was a very smooth transaction, and I would be happy to do business with her again in the future! :)
    6. Positive feedback!:)
      I sold a pair of eyes to you.died101 and they payed promptly and were absolutely wonderful to sell to and I would not hesitate to do a transaction with them again!:thumbup
      Thank you so much and enjoy the eyes!
    7. you.died101 bought a 5star tongtong from me with layaway. Superb communication, no trouble with the payments at all and really nice overall. I would definitely sell to this buyer again and I'm so happy my girl came to a home where she will get more attention than she had in mine. :D
    8. you.died101 purchased a head from me. The transaction was smooth. Payment was prompt. She kept constant communication with me, let me know when the package arrived there. Excellent buyer!! I highly recommend her to everyone!!!!!!
    9. Sold you.died101 Leeke wig extensions. Fast payment and good communication.

      Thanks & enjoy!
    10. you.died101 bought a Volks Nana head from me and it was a great transaction. Thank you.:XD: