Feedback for youkosilvara

Oct 26, 2008

    1. Hi! I did a search through the forum, but no feedback for youkosilvara popped up. If there's already a thread, I very much apologize... But I wanted to definitely leave feedback for this super nice DoA member! ^^

      Anyway, youkosilvara had a WTB Cloud and Sephiroth heads thread in the Marketplace in the beginning of October. I had a sleeping Cloud head from D.I.M. that I was looking to sell, and so I contacted youkosilvara to see if she would like to purchase it or had any interest. We PMed each other several times--she was very prompt and very nice in all of the PMs!--and we settled on a price for head and shipping.

      youkosilvara asked if it would be possible to have the head on hold for most of October because she wasn't going to be in the country and she didn't want the head to arrive while she was gone. I was fine with that, and she gave me a guess as to which day she'd be able to send the money.

      Needless to say, it's the end of October~ ^^ youkosilvara PMed me when she got back, I gave her my PayPal address, and she paid me super fast aftwards. Besides that, it also ending up being a day earlier than she originally had given me an estimate for! XD

      youkosilvara has always been very sweet and very polite in all of her PMs. She paid me promptly when she promised that she would, and this has been a very wonderful transaction. I'm so pleased that I'm able to give the head to someone who will not only take very good care of him, but to someone who's so incredibly nice! I would most definitely do business with youkosilvara in the future. Highly recc'd.

      Thank you again! :fangirl: :aheartbea
    2. Youkosilvara bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    3. Youkosilvara bought two outfits from me.She paid quickly and very friendly.I think she is a very good buyer.Thank you!^^
    4. youkosilvara commission the roses jewelries from me.
      She is very nice. All transaction is quick and smooth!!
      Thank you very much. ^^
    5. I bouight some outfits to youkosilvara, it's a perfect transaction! She's very nice, she's open for all discussion, she send ouit very quicly!!! Th
    6. I bought some outfits to youkosilvara, it's a perfect transaction! She's very nice, she's open for all discussion, she send out very quicly!!! Thanks for all!!!! I recommanded her :aheartbea!
    7. youkosilvara bought a DOLLFLOWER eyes from me.
      She paid fast and kept constant communication and photo .
      Excellent buyer! =o) :)
    8. I bought a LikeMey boy body from Youkosilvara. She was kind, curteous, fair priced and extremely prompt with her replies. We had an excellent transaction despite some paypal issues on my end, which she handled like a champ! She was even kind when I bugged her about shipping time ^.^; (Spain is far)
    9. I almost forgot to mention, The blushing she did on the body I bought was absolutely beautiful!
    10. I bought a Bambicrony head, communication was fast and shipping was great, very well packaged. She did a beautiful faceup, just gorgeous! I love it, thank you so much :)
    11. I purchased a D.O.T. Ducan from Youko and he arived fast and he is just beautiful I don't think the pictures did him any justice.
    12. youkosilvara participated in my Dollflower GO.
      She paid quickly and has waited for long time patiently.
      I had a happy transaction with her.
      Thank you!
    13. I bought a beautiful dress from youkosilavara and am very satisfied with it! :XD:

      Thank you so much for the gorgeous dress!! :aheartbea
    14. I purchased beautiful Dollshe Buff 14mm Eyes from Youkosilvara. She had great communication, was able to ship immediately and I received them today. ♥ A+ Seller :)
    15. I was lucky enough to purchase three pairs of Dollshe eyes from youkosilvara, and it was such a great transaction. Communication was clear and swift, and she shipped them out lightning fast! I would quite happily do business with her again in the future.
    16. I bought a Yeon-ho head from youkosilvara.
      The transaction was fast, great communication, the head arrived safely.
      Thank you! ^^
    17. Excellent transaction with youkosilvara from whom I purchased some eyes. The eyes were carefully packaged and quickly shipped. Communication was great. A perfect seller. Thank you!
    18. Fantastic transaction! Youkosilvara bought a head from me, payment was quick and communication was fast and polite all through the transaction.
      I would certainly recommend her!
    19. I bought 2 pairs of Dollshe eyes from Youkosilvara. They were shipped quickly, arrived in perfect condition and her PMs were prompt and friendly. All in all an excellent transaction. Highly recommended :fangirl: Thank you.
    20. Youkosilvara purchased a pair of dollflower eyes from me. This was such a smooth and easy transaction. Her communication was fast as was her payment. She let me know when the eyes arrived. Thank you so much! - Barb