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feedback for Yuanfang

Apr 16, 2009

    1. I if have ever bought from, sold to, split with me, etc etc please leave feedback here! <3
    2. Yuanfang did a split with me. She paid promptly, responded quickly to my PMs, and was very patient while waiting for the order to ship from the company to me, and then from me to her. I would love to do business with Yuanfang again. =)
    3. I had a great transaction with Yuanfang! She purchased a brush from me. She was friendly and polite in all pms, paid promptly, let me know when her package had arrived, and then left me feedback. Wow - perfect transaction! I would absolutely do business with her again. :thumbup
    4. Purchased a B&G Sapphira from Yuanfang. Polite and accomodating in PMs, let me know when she shipped it, and packaged it very well. Thanks again, and sorry I forgot to leave this sooner~
    5. Purchased a Nobilitydoll Royce head from Yuanfang. She was extremely friendly and easy to deal with, and shipped the head out quickly and extremely well-packaged. I'd gladly deal with her again. Thanks!!!!!!
    6. Yuanfang participated in my GO. Great transaction with prompt payment, thanks!
    7. I purchased a Junior Delf body from Yuanfang. She shipped it out fast, and it arrived very well packaged! She was very friendly and prompt with communication! A good transaction, and I'd happily buy from her again!
      Thank you! <3
    8. I bought some sneakers from Yuanfang. Communication was fantastic and they shipped them out quickly. Thanks again!
    9. I commissioned a faceup from Yuanfang. Not only was the work wonderful, but communication was quick, detailed, and friendly. She sent progress photos at my request, and work was completed well within the estimated time frame. I would defiantly commission her again!
    10. i bought a SD coat from Yuanfang. she was very prompt and replied to all of my messages quickly. great to work with, would buy from again. :)
    11. Commissioned a faceup from Yuanfang. She did brilliant work on the faceup, Answered all of my questions and was very polite and helpful. I would wholeheartedly recommend commissioning a faceup from her.
    12. I sold a Zaoll Luv to Yuanfang. She was very prompt with the payment, and maintained excellent communication while we worked out an in-person pick-up. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :]
    13. I traded a Volks dress set for Yuanfang's Rigel head. Excellent communication and the head arrived very nicely packed with a really cool face-up. :)
    14. Yuanfang was a wonderful participant in my Leekeworld group order. Highly recommended GO participant :)
    15. yuanfang was a particpant in my Dollmore GO... she had great communication, was fast with payments, and was all around a sterling participant! I would totally reccomend her to anyone!!! :D Id be happy for her to join one of my GOs again!
    16. I made a custom hoodie for Yuanfang! She was wonderful throughout the process, very helpful and happy to wait when I had some health problems that delayed production. I'd happily work with her again!
    17. Yuanfang participated in my Sadol GO.
      She was very kind and pleasant to deal with and was an excellent group order participant.
      Each invoice was paid promptly. Couldn't ask for a better experience. I'd welcome with open arms if she decides to join any of my future GOs again.
      Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction :)
    18. very kind buyer and very friendly , i am happy to work for you,
    19. I commissioned Yuanfang for two faceups and a mani-pedi for one of my girls. The work was meticulously and beautifully done, and she somehow figured out exactly what I needed from my rather sketchy descriptions. Communication was quick and friendly, and I always had an answer within 24 hours (or a lot less) if I had a question. Would certainly recommend!
    20. fast replies and shipment, thanks! i'm so happy to finally having a 100/0 brush ^_^