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Feedback for Yue_Qin

Dec 19, 2009

    1. Please leave your feedback here. (^_^)/
    2. Cindy bought a Delf Moon from me. Super excellent communication and very prompt payment! She's always very pleasant to chat with. It was a lovely experience dealing with her and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with this lovely darling again!! ^^

      Thanks a lot for adopting my boy :D :D
    3. Yue_Qin bought some outfits from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^ Merry X'mas~
    4. Cindy bought a HZ outfit set from me and she is awesome... The payment came swiftly and the communication is excellent~ She let me know when the item arrived and I'm just so happy that her boy likes it. ^^ Thank you so much for buying from me, and I hope we can have more contacts in the future! ^^ *hugs*
    5. Sold my Souldoll Morse to them and it was such an easy transaction, they paid really quickly and let me know when he arrived. One of the easiest sales I have ever done, thank you so much!
    6. Yue_Quin is an awesome member to trade with. I traded two of my MSDs for her SD and she was so agreeable with the shipping terms. It was the smoothest transaction I had internationally in a long while. Thank you so much. I would recommend business with her to anyone!
    7. Yue Qin bought some glass eyes from my selling thread.
      All went smooth and perfect!
      Hope to deal with Yue Qin again! ^^
    8. Yue Qin always replied quickly, paid exactly when she said she was going to, was lovely and sweet and very polite!

      Awesomely smooth transaction and so happy to see my precious boy go to a loving new home!

      Highly recommended and trusted!
    9. I bought the Ringdoll Sol Outfit from her and everything went well :3
      She´s a very nice person and I´m glad I bought the outfit :3

      It was packed very well and the shipping was very fast .3

      Thank you <3
    10. And now I bought a Dollshe Saint Headback and the SA and OE Faceplate from her.
      Everything went smoothly and was carefully packed.
      Thank you so very much for this wonderful head, Yue_Qin ^___^
    11. I bought a cute outfit from Cindy for a friend and everything for the transaction went smoothly. She was speedy and smoothly.

      Thank you very much. ^^
    12. Yue_Qin bought Mirodoll boy. Everything went smooth. Communication was quick and friendly. She let me know when he arrived.

      Thank you!!!
    13. Yue_Qin bought a doll head from me and it was a perfect transaction. Excellent and friendly communication, and she lets me knew as soon as she received the doll. Highly recommended!!
      Thank you so much ^^
    14. Yue_Qin had bought a wig from my workshop XD very fast payment and let me know the package arrived as soon as she got it
      Highy recommended buyer

      Thanks a lot
    15. I sold a wig to Yue_Qin and had a quick and pleasant transaction. Thank you! :)
    16. I commissioned Yue_Qin for her lovely shirts i ordered 6 amazing quality am already planning for my next commission from her if i can get a slot...i recommend her to anyone shipping was also very fast and surprised me when it already got to me:)
      Thank you!!My girl will love theses shirts:)
    17. I bought 3 colorful shirts from Yue_Qin! Communication was excellent, the quality is top-notch, and I'm so happy with them! I hope to be able to do business with them again in the future! Thank you so much!!
    18. yue is a very good seller, has an excellent communication with you and your store clothing is quality, will echo safe with her :)
    19. Yue_Qin bought a MSD wig and a pair of acrylic doll eyes from me. The communication was very fast and friendly, she also payed instantly. Everything went very well!

      Thank you very much. =)
    20. Great seller! I commissioned Yue_Qin 2 slim MSD sweaters and a YoSD shirt. She was very kind and pleasant to deal with. She communicates timely and gives me update. I am glad I was able to commission her because her works are very lovely and the quality of the materials she used for my orders were very good. Thanks so much~!