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Feedback for Yugami

Oct 27, 2008

    1. I'm so happy I'm finally getting to start one of these. :)

      If I've bought or sold anything with you, please leave feedback! Much Love!
    2. I've sold clothes to Yugami, she is a nice buyer, I appreciate her. Thank you.
    3. I sold Leeke SD wig to Yugami. Payment was fast and communication was great. Yugami is a great buyer!
    4. I sold a wig and shirt to Yugami and the transaction was excellent. Speedy communication and excellent buyer all around!
    5. Yugami organized a GO for a minimee head ^_^ she has been nice and kind, and cheered up people during the wait. kept us informed when there has been news, and managed everything fine.
      I'm really happy to have been able to take part to her GO, thank you for this nice experience!
    6. I took place in the same GO as lunaria and really don't have much to add. Everything went quite smoothly and when there were problems with my shipping address (I had the head shipped directly to me from DIM), she promply contacted me and relayed the info I gave her so fast that I got the head sooner than I expected, actually.
    7. Took part in ... where's the edit-button gone?
    8. I was a part of Yugami's Tom Hiddleston head go. It actually went remarkably great from start to finish. Not only was the GO itself wonderful and well-managed, but, when I feared the head had been stolen from my doorfront, Yugami helped me track it down without making me feel paranoid and actually treating me with remarkable kindness and understanding (it ended up my post office was holding the package). I would work with Yugami again definitely! :D
    9. I was also part of Yugami's Tom Hiddleston GO and an very pleased. She kept us up to date and promptly gave us the photos/news/etc when there was any to give. Thanks!
    10. I was a part in Yugami's Tom Hiddleston Go, too and everything went absolutely fine. She was dependable, asked for wishes and was always very obliging.
      So I appreciate her~ Thank you for letting me be a part of this!
    11. Participated in the Tom Hiddleston Minimee GO. Everything was perfect; communication, shipping, updates, everything! <3
    12. I bought a Leeke wig from Yugami. It was shipped promptly and arrived safely. Thank you! :D
    13. I bought a Migidoll Vampire Miho head from Yugami. Very friendly and great communication! She sent it out right away. The head was packaged very nicely. I didn't expect there to be extras! Thank you so very very much! :fangirl:
    14. I sold a 8-9" synthetic mohair wig to Yugami.
      Good buyer. Trade was smooth =D
      Hope to trade again will her again !=P
    15. Yugami purchased an SDF Ethan head from me. Communication was prompt and friendly, she paid quickly, and she was very understanding when I realized I'd forgotten some details in my sales thread that might have made a person back out. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!
    16. Positive Feedback!!!
      I sold glass eye. Good buyer, was really good comminicator during the transaction.
      Overall, it was excellent trans!! thank you!
    17. Yugami bought a doll from me. So finished the whole payment very soon and kindly let me know as soon as she received the doll. I'm very happy to deal with her. Thank you very much :)
    18. I Just Had A Great Transaction With Yugami. She Bought Some Soom Bronze Little Gem Human Feet From Me. Everything Went Great, Couldn't Ask For Better. Payment & Communication Was Top Rate. Would Highly Recommend As A Responsible Buyer
    19. I bought an fdoll body from Yugami. Great communication, fast shipping and careful packaging job. Would definitely buy from again!