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Feedback for Yukamina

Aug 15, 2011

    1. I've been around DOA for a while, but have only recently considered buying and selling. So here's my feedback thread, just in case.
    2. Yukamina was fantastic. My son and I bought a Dollzone Fox and she was fast at shipping and she was very kind and held on to it for a few days so I could get the money together. Wonderful person to deal with and I'd buy from Yuka again.

      Thanks again Yukamina.
    3. Yukamina bought a doll head from me. It was a very smooth transaction and i'd be happy to deal with her again. Highly recommended buyer.

      Thank You :)
    4. Yukamina participated in my recent Leekeworld GO. Friendly communication and quick payments. Thank you again!
    5. Yukamina bought 3 wigs from me. She pay deposit as fast as she can and she is polite. Thank you so much!(´ω`)
    6. Yukamina brought a teal wig from me and was all around pleasant to do business with!

      Thank you so much and I am happy you love your new wig :D
    7. Yukamina bought my Spiritdoll Elegance Body, and it was a great transaction! She paid me right away, and she is friendly and kind. She let me know when everything arrived. I highly recommend her to everyone. I would love to do business again! Thanks so much! ♥
    8. I purchased a Fantasy Doll boy body from her. Everything went fast, even though we had some issues with the post office. But all is resolved, thanks to her help and I love the body! A+
    9. Yukamina purchased a DZ annie from me and the transaction was very smooth! :) Payment was quick and she let me know when the doll has arrived. Would happily do business with her again!
    10. Yukamina bought a pair of Mako eyes from me, she always responded in a friendly manner, and let me immediately know when the eyes arrived! Thank you very much!!!:aheartbea
    11. Yukamina bought a DD SS bust from me. Communication was quick and friendly, payment was prompt and she let me know when the item arrived! I would definitely do business again. A+ Thank you!
    12. I bought a Minifee Marcia from Yukamina. She was super friendly and shipped the doll quickly! She included way more extras than I thought I was going to get and I am very thankful for that. Now my girl won't be naked! I didn't have the money for her right off the back but she was willing to put her on hold for me and wait till I received my pay check. Thank you for that. A+ seller. Would definitely buy from again.