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Feedback for Yuki-Alexiel

Nov 3, 2006

    1. Hi! ^^

      If I have ever bought from you please leave me some feedback!

    2. I ordered F-16 Beauty White Boy for Yuki-Alexiel at Sato. (She was a buyer.)

      Her responses were always fast and we could have very good communication :)
      Her order was really clear and payment was super fast!! I've enjoyed to talk with her and love her personality :D

      Yuki-Alexiel is a very nice preson to deal with:aheartbea
      Highly recommended~!!
    3. Sold to Yuki-Alexiel on ebay. Received fast payment with good communication. Great to deal with. Thanks.
    4. I sold 3 dolls to Yuki-Alexiel. she has warm heart to think seller.
      Very lovely and reliable person.
      Always happy to deal with.
      Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. I sold an SD outfit to Yuki and everything went well. They were great to deal with. :)
    6. What can I say except what an amazing seller Yuki-Alexiel is!!! :D I bought an old NS CP body from her and I paid by layaway and she was very understanding and answered my every question (and there were a lot of them!!). The communication was always excellent!!
      You're amazing, thank you so much!!! :aheartbea
    7. ((ignore))
    8. Yuki is amazing to deal with! We arranged a difficult trade, and it all went smooth. So smooth that we are going to repeat!
    9. I split an Elf Chiwoo with Yuki; she was friendly, always kept me up to date and shipping my boy in awesome condition. A pleasure to do business with and a genuinely lovely person. Highly recommend any business with her! :)