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Feedback for yukidasutii

Dec 8, 2006

    1. How did I do?
    2. Ya done great!

      I bought a doll and yukidastuii was so nice to deal with, packed well for the across-the-border shipping, and followed up!
    3. bought a kimono from me ^^ smooth transaction ^^
    4. yukidasutii commissioned lingerie and boxers from me for her dolls, and she was very helpful in deciding exactly what she wanted. Really friendly, swift payment and a pleasure to deal with. I'd reccommend her to other sellers/seamstresses. :)
    5. traded my Peakswood female body for her Luts male body :D Trade went absolutly excellent. She was great all through it. ^^ The body arrived in great condition even though the postal system ate the box! But he was packaged well (yay for peanuts!) she he arrived undamaged. ^^

      Thanks so much for a great first experience with an expensive trade!!!
    6. I bought a head from yukidasutii. He arrived in great condition and in a timely manner^_^ She kept me updated and was pleasant to deal with!=D
    7. I sold a Christmas dress I made to yukidasuti, she was great to deal with and very enthusiastic.

      I bought an SD body from her at a great price and am very happy with it!

      I would buy/sell/trade with her again :)
    8. Awesome communication! Super sturdy packing!! friendly and helpfl! Would definatly buy from again! highly recommended!
    9. yukidasutii bought a doll from me. She is great to deal with, and paid quickly. Great buyer!

      Thank you :)
    10. I brought a doll from yukidasutii, it arrived quickly, in good condition and was very well packaged. :] Highly recommended.
    11. yukidasutii brought two wigs from me. She was very friendly and easy to communciate with. Thanks a lot.^^
    12. yuki commissioned me to do a faceup for her boy ^^
      She was very friendly, communicated well and told me exactly what she wanted!
      Would definitely recommend her to anyone! :)
    13. I bought a Lishe from her on layaway. Overall everything went smooth. I got my package today! Thanks once again! ^^
    14. I just bought a MNF WooSoo from her. He got to me in perfect condition. She is wonderful to deal with. I would buy from her again.
    15. I bought a DOC Tender Head from Yuki. She is beyond gorgeous! I highly recommend her and would buy from her any day!
    16. Yuki bought a WS Migidoll Miho head from me. :aheartbea She was the ideal buyer! Sent hre payments right on time, some even sooner than expected, which was nice. ^^ Kept wonderful communication, was very nice, and just a great buyer overall. I would surely recommend her to everyone!

      I know my boy has found a great home. Thanks, Yuki! :whee: