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feedback for Yumedust

Apr 25, 2007

    1. I've bought a few things on this forum so far, but never sold. I'm starting Face-ups and I figured it'd be a good idea to have a feedback thread~ so here goes!

      I also have %100 positive feedback on ebay under the username Yumedust
    2. I just had a great transaction with Yumedust. ^_^ She was really friendly to talk to and she paid me right away. I'd highly recommend her.

      Thank you so much!
    3. Yumedust painted my two Juri2006 heads. The communication was great, as was her work! I also can only highly recommend her!
    4. Yumedust painted my modified Soul Doll Lune Head and she did a wonderful job I am more than impressed with her work. She kept good contact and sent him home safely.
      I highly recommend her.
    5. Shoot, thought I'd left feedback earlier. Apparently not.

      We recieved our SchC back from Yumedust the other day. He's fabulous. The face-up is gorgeous and Yume was such a sweetheart to deal with. Great communication, very prompt in sending him home to us. We were both so worried about sending one of our heads out to someone, but we definitely wouldn't hesitate to send one to Yume again.

      Thank you! :)
    6. Yumedust bought a wig from me. Everything went smoothly and she paid promptly. Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy it ^_^
    7. Yumedust is a wonderful buyer. She paid quickly, and is very patient with me throughout the transaction. You can be sure she'll be as nice to you as she did to me. Thank you, Yumedust! =D
    8. Yumedust did a faceup for me. It is great, she was very fast and so friendly. I would comission her again.
    9. Yumedust bought a Nanuri 07 head from me. She paid quickly and was great to deal with. ;)
    10. I just had another great transaction with Yumedust. She's an excellent buyer who always pays very quickly and she's really polite.

    11. Yumedust is a emerging talent in the face-up biz, great communication, fast shipping, and of course amazing work. =) Excellent overall.
    12. I bought a head from Yumedust and it came in perfect shape! She is a very talented face-up artist! would love to get more of her face-up!
    13. I finally finished a transaction with Yumedust.

      Quite frankly I'm glad the whole ordeal is over. Here is a timeline of the transaction:

      4/18 - Sent out my doll's head to yume for a face-up
      ~during this time yume disappears for 2 weeks without notice, no replies when I PM'd her asking if my doll arrived
      5/1 - Finally get a confirmation PM that my doll has arrived
      5/16 - The face-up is finished and I pay immediately
      5/21 - Get a PM saying my doll is being shipped back
      6/2 - My doll arrives, BUT his head cap is missing, I PM yume immediately
      6/4 - Yume replies that she has the head cap and will ship it back that night
      6/15 - After PM-ing yume a few days before, I get a response saying my head cap was shipped out late (shipped 6/14 according to the tracking)
      6/21 - Head cap arrived!

      When yumedust did communicate, she was polite, however the lack of communication ruined it for me. She is definitely a skilled face-up artist but is lacking in responsibility from my experience with her.

      I am completely understanding when people have personal issues that may cause a delay in shipping/communication, however I would like a heads up that there is an issue rather than finding out after the delay.
    14. Unfortunately, I have to say that I had a similar experience as ready2rokk, as far as communication goes.

      The transaction started off great, I pm'ed her in order to purchase a Juri 07 B head from her. She was really polite, and answered all of my questions about the purchase. After all of the payment was taken care of, she let me know that she would not ship him until the money from her paypal transferred to her account, which I told her was fine. All I asked was a PM when he was on his way.

      After that PM, that was the last I heard from Yumedust over DoA. I waited patiently for over a week, it wasn't until July 13th that I finally sent her another PM asking her the status of my order. I recieved no word from her, even though she had been active on DoA later that day. I became concerned, and decided to open a paging thread, but I still never heard from her. It wasn't until another user informed us that we could contact her through email, and that she would read and respond to those promptly.

      I emailed her that day, and Yumedust responded to me within the same day. She explained that she had a family emergency and left. She told me that they had limited internet access at her parents house, and that it had left her unable to get online too much. She also informed me that she had shipped my head off to me before July 4th, and thought she had PMed me about this notice but was mistaken. While I was happy and relieved to hear that things were still on track, it was very troubling to me that, I the buyer, had to contact another user in order to touch base with her. Even if she thought she PMed me, I clearly sent another PM to her at a later time asking for an update. I also found it very troubling that she found time to check her emails regularly, but did not get onto Den of Angels to tell her customers that she left for vacation due to a family emergency. I totally understand that sometimes things happen that are out of our control, and I cannot blame anyone for that....however as a seller there is a responsibility to inform the people that you are doing business with about any delay. Even if it is a short email, it's not much to ask for. She still had an internet connection, and had no issue responding to my email, so I was upset that she did not inform me sooner over Den of Angels which is where the transaction took place.

      Even though my doll arrived safely, and she did ship him in a timely manner, I was dissatisfied with our transaction. I already discussed with her that I was not at all happy with the lack of communication. Once the buyer has to get in contact with the seller over something that was the seller's responsibility to inform the buyer of in the first place, the transaction goes sour for me.
    15. Hi, I've bought a Breakaway from Yumedust/Katie and it was a very pleasant transaction. :)
      Communication with her was always fast (at least as fast as it can be, considering that we are living in different time zones) and nice. She shipped my doll instantly and packaged him very carefully so that he arrived here in perfect condition. Thank you very much :D!
    16. I also bought a Breakaway from Yumedust. It was a lovely transaction and she was lovely. She kept me updated on things like her card being maxed out and he was sent promptly once the payment had moved into her card. Post from Canada took a little longer than expected. Someone with more experience told me they route packages somewhere else. This was out of control and was okay. I picked him up today from the Parcelforce depot. I wasn't able to get him from the postman due to being on holiday for a couple of weeks. Missed by less than a day >___<;;; He was packaged very well and arrived safely. Am happy with the transaction ^_^ Thanks :D
    17. I recently bought a CP body from Yumedust. The transaction was great. She kept me up to date about shipping status and was a pleasure to do business with. Great seller!
    18. I bought a head from Yumedust. She was gracious enough to remember me when a split became possible, and was extremely pleasant to deal with, and a great packer!