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feedback for yumenoir

May 1, 2008

    1. please post your experience and feedback with me as a buyer or as a seller. :clover
    2. I sold a doll head to this member, and the transaction went smoothly on her end. She paid promptly and communicated easily. I would definitely recommend doing business with her!
    3. i bought a very pretty silvery grey wig from yumenoir and shipping was super fast! great communication; great seller ;)
    4. I am very glad I bought a fur wig from yumenoir. It was exactly as described and pictured and reasonably priced. It was shipped out with care the day after I sent my payment. Yumenoir was also very friendly and quick to respond to my PMs. Thanks again for the wig :D
    5. I bought yumenoir's Dusty Rose Fer. It arrived quickly, but my stupid post office sent it to the wrong place so I had to wait a couple of days. The dress was package nicely to avoid damage. Thank you so much again. My girl loves her new dress.
    6. I sold a corset set to yumenoir, we have good communication and have smooth transaction. She is a nice buyer, thank you
    7. yumenoir bought a 4D shirt from me in two payments. She let me know when it arrived, something that is always appreciated!
      Would do business with again anytime!! :D
    8. I bought parts of an outfit from her and it was a quick and pleasant experience. Thank you so much!
    9. Yumenoir and I have an ongoing buyer/seller/exchange going on for almost as long as we've been members of this site. She has excellent communication and is really fair and reasonable. Sometimes I get free goodies too! I highly recommend her and I'm looking forward to the next business venture with her. *HUGS*
    10. Yumenoir bought a wig from me and was a great buyer :). Fast payment, great communication, and let me know when the wig arrived.
    11. Thanks for participating in the Iplehouse GO V2 :) It was a pleasure having you in the order group. Hope to work with you again! Enjoy the Kaeru :apresent:
    12. I had requested from yumenoir as many mannequin pin cushions (that recently was discontinued from a certain company) as possible for my Marie's clothes. Apparently these products were still available in limited quantities in her area. She retrieved all of them the same day I made the request, and I received them today in mint condition. Communication still great and the service still very awesome. :) LOVE doing business with this person!
    13. I just completed an excellent trade with yumenoir. She was fast with communications, and the items she sent me were absolutely perfect! I would gladly do business with her again!
    14. I had commissioned a rose choker from yumenoir from her jewelry thread and I received it today. Omigawd! I love it! I am sooo getting more from her in the future. :)
    15. I did a trade with yumenoir, one wig for another, and she shipped quickly and was very nice. I am very happy with the transaction.
    16. I traded my wig for yumenoir's pair of SD pants~ The transaction was quick and pleasant~ =D I would definitely love to do business again. n__n
    17. I sold a doll to Yumenoir. The transaction was very pleasant and I would gladly do business with her again.

      Thanks again :daisy
    18. I purchased the lovliest Volks Welcoming Slip from Yumenoir
    19. Oops I hit send too quick what I wanted to say is Yumenoir went out of her way to ship super fast and even added a lovely little necklace for my girl. simply the best

      I can highly recommend this lovey seller to anyone that asks. : )
    20. I commissioned yumenoir for a choker with rose. The item was great, communication was excellent, shipping was fast.

      Thank you