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Feedback for Yumiko_Ito

Jun 28, 2007

    1. My feedback here please :D
      I'm both a seller&buyer here! :)
      (I have feedback also on ebay: just look for "miominihisoka" there :)
    2. just received a commissioned dress from Yumiko_Ito. it is done really really well considering she went by measurements only. super fast shipping and awesome to deal with. A++++++

    3. I just recieved a skirt from Yumiko_Ito. I had her make it for me!
      She did an outstanding job, and it came out beautifully! ((I'll post pictures when my boy gets here))
      She was very fun to work with and she made sure to keep me updated with her progress.:)
      The shipping was pretty fast, there was some complicatoins but that was all my fault and Yumiko_Ito isn't to blame for that!:sweat ((actually I blame the postman guy))
      I plan on buying from her again and I recommend her to anyone and everyone.

    4. Yumiko_Ito bought a pair of eyes from me. She got back to me as soon as she received the item, and overall, everything about the transaction went smoothly. Would be happy to deal with her again, and thank you! I'm glad they got to you safely.
    5. Yumiko_Ito bought a wig with eyes from me. Shes excellent in communication and sent a prompt payment. Excellent, have confidence transacting with her! :D
    6. I recieved a commissioned dress/outfit from Yumiko_Ito. It is wonderful like the last one! ((I'll post pictures soon)) And again she did such a wonderful job!!! I love the outfit!! ThANkS AGAIN!

      Highly Recommened!
    7. I commissioned a sailor suit from Yumiko_Ito. She was quick to reply to messages and was a pleasant person to work with. She shipped as soon as possible. I'll definitely commission her again sometime. :D
    8. Receive a couple of beautiful dresses from her. Very, very pretty. I have nothing bad to say, prices were great and shipping was great too!!!!!! Such a wonderfully smooth transaction!!!!!!
    9. Yumiko_Ito bought some outfits from me~
      she is soo lovely and friendly~
      ^^thanks dear~ love you sooooo much~~
    10. I commissioned a man suit and some boxers from Yumiko_Ito!

      The quality is excellent and the fit is very good. She was always very nice and patient with me, and didn't have any trouble answering all my questions (this was the first time I commissioned something :sweat).

      She shipped as soon as I paid and communication was always excellent. Very nice to deal with, I highly recommend her! :)
    11. I have just received a commissioned outfit from Yumiko_Ito - It is stunning! Great communications and super fast shipping, I couldn't have asked for more!

      Thanks so much Yumiko_Ito for being so wonderful! :aheartbea

    12. I commissioned a dress and corset ensemble from Yumiko_Ito. Communication was fabulous, she was unfailingly polite and friendly, and the dress is gorgeous! I wouldn't hesitate to commission her again. Thank you so much! :)
    13. I commissioned a maid dress for my future CP boy from Yumiko, once I do get my boy I'll be sure to post pictures!

      But Yumiko was wonderful to work with, she is extremely polite, friendly, and easy to talk to. Communication was great, and I will eagerly do business with her again if the opportunity ever arises! ^_^ <3

      Thank you so much. :D
    14. Yumiko_Ito replied to my emergency commisions thread for a custom tux. :) and it turned out wonderful. the transaction and everything she did to make sure i got it on time for my friends wedding was great. :)
    15. I just received my commission from Yumiko_Ito and I love it. I got a Victorian-esque jacket, vest, and shirt with a ruff. It all fits really well and looks incredibly sharp, especially since she was working off of measurements and not the actual doll. I am very impressed and my boy loves his clothes.

      The whole transaction was very smooth and the shipping was very prompt as well. I would definitely order from her again.
    16. Yumiko_Ito did a wonderful comission for my friend and I. Communication was great, we had a few problems but everything worked out fine in the end. The quality is fabulous and it really is a wonderful garment, thank you very much!
    17. I recieved my commission of a Death Note Near pajamas from Yumiko_Ito, and it's absolutely adorable. Thank you! ^_^
    18. i've sell a eyes to yumiko~
      very fast payment and good communication~~~
      thank you so much^O^!!!
    19. I bought a suit from Yumiko_Ito and I love it! It's excellent quality and well worth the price! I highly recommend her for anyone wanting finely crafted outfits for their doll! A++++++!