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Feedback for Yunabug ^_~*

Oct 18, 2007

    1. If I have bought or sold somthing to you, please post your feedback here ^_~*

      I thank you very much~

    2. I bought a doll body from Yunabug and she was very nice and very communicative. She showed me extra photos too. I received the body promptly and very well packed.

    3. I sold a 43cm Dollinian doll. Yunabug was very pleasant to deal with! Thanks again!
    4. Yunabug commissioned an outfit from me this month. Paid promptly, gave detailed photo & explanation of outfit, very pleasant emails.
      Would recommend as a buyer. :)
    5. I sold two custom made shirts to Yunabug. She was absolutely delightful to deal with and I would be more than happy to do business with her again!

      A+++++++++ :aheartbea
    6. I sold Yunabug a pair of eyes and she was exceedingly pleasant to deal with; quick payment, good communication, would gladly deal with her again. Thanks much! :)
    7. I had a perfect transaction with Yunabug. She paid promptly and we had great communication. Highly recommend!
    8. Sold a doll to Yunabug! Excellent communication! Payment on time! (faster then expected really.) would do buisness with again!
    9. :fangirl:I got my Lusis face plate from Yunabug, wonderful communication, a excellent person to buy from!!
    10. Yunabug adopted my Angell-Studio Gabriel last week, and the transaction was perfect. Her payment was very fast and her communication was excellent. :)
    11. A really love person! Yunabug commissioned me to do a face-up, and she was really wonderful to work with. She's a real sweet-heart, and I can't think of anyone nicer to deal with. <3
    12. Yunabug was in a Puki group order I did. She made sure to get the money to me when I needed it and was very nice to work with :)
    13. Fast payment! Awesome communication, I loved working with her. I'd be happy to do any other work for her :D
    14. I painted a doll head for Yunabug, she is wonderful to chat with in PMs, pays as promptly as you could ever want... and is just all around a great person!
      Enjoy your girl!!! (I think I still need to post my pics of her in my thread... gah, I can't remember!)
    15. Yunabug joined in the DoA Secret Santa '07 Gift Exchange. She shipped her Recipients gift on time. :aheartbea No problems.
    16. She bought a Puki faceplate from me, everything handled perfectly, no problems!! Thanks!
    17. One of the Harlow sisters - Harper a Unoa lusis has went to live with Yuna bug I cant say enough great things about Harpers new mom. but I will tell you this Yuna bug is a doll . and I highly recommend her in any transactions you might have with her

      It has been my pleasure dealing with her
    18. Yunabug and I were in a trade together, she was understanding, and fast with shipping. Highly recommended :D
    19. Excellent transaction with Yunabug who purchased a Baha from me. Payment was as agreed and communication was excellent through out the transaction. She let me know once he had arrived safely. I would definitely do business with her again. Thanks!
    20. I did a Fairyland joint order with Miss Yunabug for a pair of MNFs. :D She was very helpful and answered my noobish questions, since I'd never done a joint/group order for anything before. She kept me informed about the progress of our order and was wonderful to talk to. :) She sent pictures of my boy when she received him, then shipped him out to me and I received him in perfect condition. Thank you so much~! :aheartbea