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Feedback for Yuni

Aug 1, 2006

    1. Okay... I supposed I should make one of these because perhaps it's rather nice to know if people have had a good or bad experience with me buying stuff from them, since I haven't sold anything in the marketplace yet.

      So if you've had any experience with me buying stuff from you, please leave some feedback if you can. ^_^ Thanks guys.
    2. Hmm... where to begin? :aheartbea

      Well, you haven't sold me anything (except... well... you know...), and I haven't bought anything from you, but I'll leave you feedback because I buy things with you.

      I think you are surprisingly wonderful at choosing what we should purchase, and you make magnificent choices as to what and who will end up pleasing us both. I think you have a sharp eye for the cute stuff, out there.

      As far as buying things go, you (we) pay punctually, exactly, unconditionally, and no other way. You (we) agree to pay for fees and taxes that are subtracted from payment transfer services (I.E. 2.9% + .30$ non-cc paypal to cc paypal, vice versa). We're big on payment. We never pull back from an auction, we never drop back from an agreement... because we don't bid when we don't have money, and we don't promise what we don't have.

      Who could ask for more in a buyer? :)
    3. Yuni bought a mini crown pendant from me and was quick to pay! ^^ She's sweet and wonderful to work with!
    4. hi paola i got my min fee el like 1 week ago. i named him sakatoshi. ya ill post a pic of him on time later when i get my camera
    5. mini fee el o man gtg ttyl
    6. I just completed a transaction in which I sold a head to Yuni and a friend of hers; they were well-worded, polite, and quite quick to respond. Everything went perfectly, I could not have asked for anything to be done different. Thank you!
    7. she bought a pair of eyes recently from me, and paid rather quickly!

      would definitely do business with her again!
    8. Yuni bought a sd13 body from me. She is a lovely girl. Communication was very friendly. I am very glad to do this with Yuni. she is a wonderful buyer. XD
    9. Bought an outfit from me and was wonderful! Quock replies and very polite, very smooth transaction. Thanks again! ^^
    10. Yuni commissioned a faceup from me, and it was a great transaction!
      Communication & payment was quick, and she was both friendly and easy to work with :)
      I would be happy to do work with her again ~ thank you Yuni!
    11. Yuni bought a pair of hands from me, well transation!
    12. Yuni joined a Leeke World group order I ran.
      The communication was smooth and overall process went perfect. Recommended buyer!

      Thank you. ^^
    13. Yuni commissioned me for her Migidoll Miho. Everything went smoothly. She's really sweet and understanding, has promptly payment and I really enjoy working with her. Communication was perfect! thank you very much for everything :D you're welcome any time!