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Feedback for YuQiaoMao

Jun 7, 2008

    1. Hi there ^^

      If you've done any business with me, please leave a comment.

      Thank you :)

    2. Yu Qiao Mao bought my Juri '06 head recently. It was excellent transaction all around. Thanks! ^_^
    3. YuQiaoMao purchased an outfit from me recently and was wonderful to deal with. I would sell to her ANY time!!! :fangirl:
    4. I sold 3 metal swords to YuQiaoMao , she is very nice, pay right away, and let me know when the items are recieved :)
    5. Yu Qiao Mao bought an MSD outfit from me.
      An absolute pleasure to do business with. Very friendly, patient and prompt buyer. :)
    6. I joined Yu Qiao Mao's Dollmore order...

      She is an excellent communicator and kept up us up-to-date on the status of the order.

      When the goods arrived, she sent them very quickly :)

      Cheers :D
    7. Was with Mao in her dollmore order and even tho dollmore messed up she deal with it promptly and with great communication everything worked fine. She is also helping with my DZ order which i can't thank enough <3

      She is a lovely person and i hope we have lots of transactions in the future.
    8. I bought a DZ Leo from Mao-chan - her communication was excellent and he arrived just when she said he would ^___^ Thanks hun! Would definitely buy from her again :aheartbea
    9. I bought a 2008 Summer limited Doll-zone Feilian from YuQiaoMao, and it was a lovely experience. She kept up communication up and open, and the photos matched what I was sold perfectly. I would absolutely do business with her again.
    10. I sold a Luts Howl head to Yu Qiao Mao, she is definitely a recommended buyer, very friendly and payment was prompt.
    11. YuQiaoMao contacted me when she noticed my trade list in my sales thread, and offered to trade her DZ lab coat for my shirt - and it was great! She was super nice and quick to communicate, and the coat arrived quickly in perfect shape. Thanks so much!
    12. Sold some accessories to Yu Qiao Mao and was an excellent transaction overall. Was paid promptly and was informed when the items had arrived. Thank you! :)
    13. I bought a Limited Edition Dollzone Shoyo from her. She is super awesome with very easy transactions and she dealt with all of my complaints and worries, an awesome lady indeed.
    14. YuQiaoMao bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    15. Mao joined me in a Leeke group order and she was lovely as always. Fast payment and great communication, a dream to deal with again.
    16. YuQiaoMao is a wonderful seller :celebrate I bought a Leeke Koji head from her that is just gorgeous and turned out to be exactely what I had expected :fangirl: The faceup is a dream! She was very, very kind, communication awesome, the parcel arrived super fast and it was a great pleasure to buy from her. :D:sumomo: Thank youuuuu!!!! :aheartbea
    17. Traded a DZ Ian for a DZ Floy-2 and I am in love with him! :aheartbea he's so cute :D
      Mao is a wonderful person to deal with!
      Thank you so much :aheartbea
    18. YuQiaoMao bought a pair of Enchanted eyes from me and it was a very smooth transaction. She paid in a timely manner and kept up excellent communication. She's super friendly too! Great buyer. :)
    19. I've bought an Akando gentle head. All was wonderful.
      Thank you ^)
    20. I bought a Dollzone Feilian-2 [ Summer LE Bunny] from Yi Qiao Mao <3
      She Was lovely to deal with, Communication was great <3 and The Doll arrived Quickly and safely <3
      :pcake:aheartbea I really couldnt be happier right now! <3

      Thanks so much Mao! <3 She's Awesome!