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Feedback for Yushimi

Jun 21, 2010

    1. Hello! If you've had any transactions involving me, please post your feedback here!!
    2. Sold a modded Dollmore Asha head to Yushimi, communication was very polite an she let me know as soon as it arrived! Thanks so much!
    3. Yushimi bought a KDF Cherry from me. She was super sweet through the whole transaction and didn't mind my crazy work schedule when it came to shipping. I'd be more than happy to do business with her again!
    4. Sold me a pair of vintage dollmore jeans! Speedy delivery, got them almost immediately! I just forgot to tell her when I did oops. She's super friendly, too! <3 <3 <3 Yushimi is good to do transactions with!
    5. I sold an NS boy body to Yushimi. She was super sweet through our transaction. She paid quickly and kept in contact with me through the whole process, and let me know when the body arrived. :3 I highly recommend Yushimi. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. Thank you! :)
    6. Yushimi was a dream to sell to! She inquired about a pair of shoes. After a bit of a delay, which she took very calmly, I finally got her her shoes and all was well. ^_^
    7. Yushimi bought an MSD sweater from me and everything went great! Payment was sent quickly and communication was always prompt and friendly. I highly recommend Yushimi!
    8. Yushimi participated in my Crobidoll GO. Super friendly, great communication, and prompt payments. Thank you so much for joining!
    9. I am posting here to link and explain my paging thread for Yushimi here: Resolved - Paging Yushimi

      Yushimi contacted me to participate in my FMD wig GO, however, she did not respond when the order closed and payment needed to be collected, and after a week passed I dropped her in order to avoid keeping everyone else waiting, as I had no way of knowing how long I would be waiting to hear back from her.

      However, she had a very good reason for not responding, and it was a situation which would be unlikely to interfere with marketplace transactions in the future. The timing just turned out to be quite bad in this case. She contacted me promptly when she returned, offered a genuine apology and explanation, and was very pleasant. In light of this, I will not hold this experience against her, and have told her she is welcome to join any of my future GOs. All is forgiven, and even though the transaction had to be cancelled during the time I had no information, with the information available to me, I do not consider her flaky or a bad participant, and would deal with her again in the future.
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    10. Yushimi participated in my May 2017 Leekeworld GO and was great to work with. She always responded to messages and invoices quickly, and let me know when her items arrived. I would happily work with her again!
    11. Yushimi purchased a rare doll head from me on layaway.
      She is an amazing buyer!
      The transaction went smoothly from start to end. Communication was friendly & Payments were fast!
      I couldn't be more pleased with Yushimi and this sale!
      Thank you Dear :aheartbea