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Feedback for Yuu-chan

Aug 13, 2006

    1. Hi ^^

      If you have had a transaction with me, I'd be very happy if you left me some feedback.

      Thanks very much,

    2. I bought two outfits from Yuu-chan, she's FABULOUS to deal with! :D
    3. I was part of a group order run by Yuu-chan and everything went great! :D
    4. I bought a doll from her and she was an absolute sweetheart. :)
    5. Yuu-chan bought a jacket from me and was very nice to deal with! ^__^
    6. I sold some clothes and a bag to Yuu-chan and she was fantastic. She was prompt with payment and kindly notified me ahead of time that she'd be away for a certain period. Highly recommended!
    7. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!
    8. I asked Yuu-Chan for a custom pigtail fur wig. She didn't know if she could do it, but she tried, and it ended up coming out fantastic! Now my girl wears it all the time. It's lovely. ^^

      I also bought a mini-cellphone from Yuu-Chan. Effie likes it a lot. ♥

      She's great to deal with, I must say.
    9. I purchased a pair of beige SD shorts from Yuu-chan ~ Excellent quality, and she was kind enough to hold it for my until I could pay and pick it up at the next available meetup.

    10. I bought two wigs for my Shushu and they're great!
    11. I bought two really nice wigs from Yuu-chan and am very happy with the transaction!
    12. Forgot to leave feedback, sorry Yuu! @__@;;

      Yuu participated in my LUTS group order, and as always, the transaction was perfect. Quick replies and payment, and always a joy. Thanks!
    13. I bought two cell phones and a pair of SD shorts from Yuu-chan and I love them! Excellent transaction, and I'd certainly buy again!
    14. I participated in a group order organized by Yuu-Chan. The order went smoothly and Yuu-Chan provided constant, pleasant updates during the long wait. She even covered some of the postage fees!

      I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Yuu-Chan again! Thank you.
    15. it's very nice to be in your group order:) Thank you~~!
    16. i was also in yuu-chan's group order. she was organized and efficient when it came to running it, and she was kind enough to cover some of the postage fees!
    17. I participated in a group order run by Yuu-chan. It was smoothly run and I just got my item.

    18. I was in a very large Leeke group order organized by Yuuchan and everything went smooth. She kept us up-to-date, posted the items immediately when she got them, and even upgraded me to a box at no extra charge to make sure my wigs didn't get smooshed even though I requested an envelope. A very awesome, patient organizer. Thanks so much!
    19. Participated in a Leekeworld group order that Yuu-chan hosted. I just received my two wigs today and they are just gorgeous!! Yuu kept in constant contact with us throughout the entire order and updated whenever possible. Shipping took about a week after Yuu had received the items from Leeke and everything was carefully sent. Definitely would consider joining another one of Yuu's group orders or dealing with her again. Thank you!! :D
    20. I participated in a group order yuu-chan ran and she was up to date with everything and the wigs came relatively promptly for international shippping :D