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Feedback for Yuu

Mar 7, 2009

    1. Please leave your feedback for me here if we had any transactions.

    2. i'm glad i'm the first one to let you a feedback here ^^ I sold a hara head to Yuu, and everything went really good. She was easy to communicate, i had a fast payment and she send me a mail when she get the head ! I would definitely do business with Yuu again ^^ thanks to you ^^
    3. I've bought a IOS M head from Yuu.

      The communication was nice and the head was perfectly packed.

      I would do business again with Yuu anythime!

      Thank you !!
    4. I recently sold a Domuya D-1 Flexi Perennial Body to Yuu, who was a pleasure to deal with and informed me when the body arrived. I'm glad that my boy's former body went to such a nice person!

      I'd definitely deal with you again any time! :)