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Feedback for Yuzu

May 13, 2008

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      Feedback me!
    2. yuzu bought some items from me~ make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^ HIGHLY COMMENDED~~~=3=~~~~
      thanks dear~~~~~>_<~~~~~
    3. Positive: Yuzu joined a leeke go I put together. Communication was good and payments were fast. Enjoy! and Thank you! :)
    4. [SIZE="-10"]Yuzu was a participant in my very first LUTS group order and everything went wonderfully, for which I am always appreciative of. Payments were made quickly, communication was kept up very well on her end and it was an all around pleasure to deal with with her. I wouldn't mind doing business with her again at all.

      :clover Thank you so much for being such a wonderful participant!! :clover
    5. [SIZE="-10"]Lookie! I'm leaving feedback right under my last feedback post. XD

      This time around Yuzu was a participant in my Dollmore group order and everything went awesomely well. Prompt payments were made, communication left absolutely nothing to be desired and it was a pure pleasure to deal with with her again. I really appreciate it! Perhaps we'll bump heads again in another group order~

      :clover Thank you so much for once again being such a lovely participant!! :clover
    6. Yuzu purchased an SDF Ethan head from me. Payment was prompt. She requested my help in sending the head (blank) to a faceup artist in my region, and was very tolerant of my anxious 'nagging' (XDDD, because I was rather desperate to use the proceeds of the sale for a layaway payment due).

      She's a lovely person to communicate with and very patient. ^^ I'd certainly sell to her again!
    7. Sold a wig to Yuzu and it was a wonderful transaction~! :)