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Feedback for Z3Ncat

Sep 2, 2006

    1. Seeing as how I've had some questions asked about myself in the group order thread I'm running, I've decided the time is right to start a feedbackt thread for myself.

      My eBay ID is dorei000.

      Please, be completely honest in your feedback!
    2. I had a positive transaction with Zen recently for some Delf girl hands I was selling. She paid promptly and was very friendly in PMs. :)
    3. Zen is an awesome person to deal with and has a great reputation. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her or join a group order with her.
    4. I went in on Zen's Leekeworld order a couple months ago. She kept everyone updated. The wig I wanted even went out of stock and she messaged them and was able to get it for me. (I also got in person delivery, the joys of living only 40 minutes apart.)

      I helped Zen buy her Tan Shiwoo when he was first in stock, putting up half the money, and she paid him off in a timely manner. I'll also soon be selling her my Cory, but we haven't worked out those details yet. :D

      So Zen is a great person to work with and both buy through and sell to.
    5. I was also in Zen's Leekeworld order, everything was handled in a professional and timely manner, and I would recommend her to anyone considering a transaction.
    6. I've sold Z3n non-doll items on another board and she was amazing to work with. *kissu*