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Feedback for Zakuro

May 14, 2011

    1. Hi, please leave feedback for me here!
    2. Zakuro bought some metallic eyes from me, it was a perfect transaction! Fast payment, great communication, highly recommended :) Thank you!
    3. Zakuro joined our beginners crafting swap and kept up with the thread when we requested people to send in there status. I would happily work with her again as a swap coordinator.
    4. Zakuro participated in the 2011 Halloween Swap I hosted.
      Prompt, and got everything out in the allotted time frame. She contacted me when concerned about her gift to her partner, to try to figure out what was happening.
      Very reliable!
    5. Zakuro commissioned me for a set of wolf ears and a tail. Communication was great and payment was prompt. I would not hesitate to do business again!

      Thanks a bunch!
    6. I joined in the Cold Weather Needlework Goods Swap and was partnered with Zakuro. The swap was great and I'd gladly do another swap with her. ^_^
    7. Zakuro participated in my Coldweather Knit/Crochet swap and was an excellent participant. I would recommend them for other swaps, and would gladly have them in future swaps of my own. Thanks!
    8. Zakuro participated in my Superhero Swap.
      We lost communication with her, and we were starting to get worried, but about a week after she said she'd ship her parcel out, it was received by her partner.
      The items, as said by her partner were on-par with the theme, and were also from her wishlist, so I am leaving her a Positive, but felt the loss of communication would be worth mentioning.
    9. I know this is way over due but i felt i needed to post this. I was in Zakuro`s RPG swap that took place last yr. the shipping date was 12/5/11 and til this day i still have yet to get anything! the last time i herd from her as in march and its already almost the end of may. she has never PMed me to even see if i got. I did get a PM from my partner saying it was sent but still nothing. SHe did not offer to make something to compensate me not getting anything from the swap and i was not the only one that did not get a gift. I feel she was a irrisponsible host and needs to work on getting things together when it comesto swaps.