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Feedback for Zakusay

Mar 2, 2011

    1. Please post here if I've purchased something from you or sold something to you.
    2. whoohoo! I'm the first! Well, I can certainly recommend Zakusay as a buyer! She paid lightening fast and let me know as soon as the item arrived. She left feedback right away, and is a delight to work with!
    3. Zakusay boght my souldoll limited outfit . She's so kind and has great & fast communication.
      Also She left feedback as soon as she got my parcel. I 'm so happy to know good buyer like her.
      Thank you very much ^^!
    4. Zakusay ordered dress from me great communication fast payment great buyer thank you so much^^
    5. I've traded a DOT body with Zakusay. She is really nice and patient. The body parts are packed really well. Thank you so much!
    6. Zakusay bought a pair of sneakers from me.She's very good communication and very speedy payment.And she's very patience to wait for the item.I'd grad to work together with her again!>_<
      Thanks again.
    7. Zakusay bought some clothing from me, and everything went flawlessly! I couldn't recommended her higher...thanks for a great transaction :celebrate
    8. Zakusay purchased a SOOM Epidos human fullset from me and was a fantastic buyer to work with. Communication was consistent and kept up wonderfully well from their end and payment was sent with breakneck speed. The entire transaction was pleasant from initiation to completion and I say with the utmost of ease that I wouldn't hesitate even one second when it comes to doing business with them again. :D

      &#4326;[ Thank you for such an amazing transaction~ ]&#4326;
    9. I did an outfit trade with Zakusay and it went perfectly. The outfits I received were in same condition as described; they were very beautiful. Shipping was pretty fast and communication was great. I can't be happier with the transaction! Thank you!
    10. Zakusay bought doll clothes from me, we had a very happy communication, the payment was sent quickly~ Definitely suggest!
    11. Zakusay bought a Volks SD13 body from me. Communication was excellent, payment was quick, very patient and a pleasure to deal with throughout.
    12. Sold Zakusay my darling boy. She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The doll was delayed in shipping and she was patient and understanding. Hope to have more dealings with her in the future.
      Thanks so much for giving my boy a new home!
    13. I just sold a doll to Zakusay and the transaction was a pleasure!! Fantastic buyer and wonderful person :)
    14. Zaku bought a Cheerydoll MSD outfit from me. Perfect buyer. Very polite and prompt on payment and communication.

      Thanks again!
    15. Zakusay bought a outfit from me ..it was a pleasant and smooth transaction
      Thank you :)
    16. Purchased an outfit from Zakusay.
      Great communication and smooth transaction.
      when shipping fee is cheaper than prepaid, she return the extra shipping fee for me.
    17. Zakusay sent a Soom Heliot to me for faceup. her request was very clear ,and always reply me at once ! I would like to faceup for her boy/girl in the future ! thanks!
    18. I sold a body to Zakusay
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid very quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got it
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    19. Zakusay purchased a Dollheart outfit from me ALL the way across our Earth ~ and paid right away ~ and was just so wonderful thru our whole transaction! Just a super buyer all the way around! I recommend!
    20. I purchased a pair of nice dollheart shoes from Zarkusay. She shipped the shoes as fast as possible and they arrived in a shiny as new condition. Zaukusay was always nice and friendly and was informing me very often about every step. I got a little gift as well!^^ Thank you sooo much for the wonderful transaction!!!:chocoheart