Feedback for Zauberer

Nov 24, 2016

    1. Hello!
      Here's the place to leave a note on selling/buying/trading with me. And a reminder to myself of who I've dealt with that have been wonderful.
      I've already got a feedback list, but it's in russian, at russian forum dedicated to BJD, may it be useful :3nodding:- BJD-club • Отзыв о пользователе
    2. I brought a minimee thranduil head off Zauberer and they were brilliant to buy from .They replied promptly and posted fast and securely ,item was a described too. Would definitely recommend them as a seller and would buy from again ,thank you
    3. I commissioned Zauberer to make a 65cm girl jumpsuit for me.

      The outfit was very well made, and very fairly priced. It fits my girl very well, even though Zauberer used a different body for the model. The one slight downside is that some of the coloring is a bit different from what I wanted. The suit overall is a medium blue, which is exactly what I wanted, but the trim is orange. I had wanted the trim to be more on the red side. In the end it is fine (it turns out to match my girl's hair :3 and it fits very well with the shade of blue), so it is no problem, it was just unexpected since photos from multiple photo sessions, in multiple different lighting, all made it look like it was going to be a primary red.

      The process itself was fine, although it was very drawn-out. I was given a 2-month turnaround estimate, on January 7, 2017. Zauberer was in the hospital during that time, but I wasn't contacted about it at any time, so I had no way of knowing this. I sent multiple messages through all of February and March before I got any word back. So overall, it was about a 4-month wait from start to finish, as I received the outfit today, May 5.

      I don't hold the wait against Zauberer though, as hospitalization is very serious. And after she was back, she updated me often with her progress and photos, and did ship it out promptly when she had finished. Overall I am happy with the transaction, and very happy with the outfit.

      Thank you Zauberer~