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Feedback for zenfu

Dec 13, 2007

    1. I realized that I didn't have a feedback thread, so maybe it's about time I get myself one.

      So, if you've bought something from me or I've bought something from you, I'd very much like some feedback. ^^
    2. I bought a Juri head from zenfu. Transaction went smooth, quick and friendly communication and fast shipping.

      Many thanks ^^
    3. i bought a doll from Zenfu, and she was 100% fantastic. shipped quickly, threw in lots of extras, and gave me a great deal. I would reccommend her to anyone! Thank you so much!!
    4. I bought a dolls head from Zenfu, really quick in replying to pm's, and also posted the item quickly.
      Nice surprise to find a few extra things thrown in too!
      Would def recommend dealing with her.
    5. I bought a minifee female shiwoo from Zenfu. She's really beautiful and so perfect!!
      She arrived with lovely clothas and accesories.
      Zenfu is a good and kind person to deal with. very helpful and cute!
      Thanks !!
    6. Bought a Soom Mini Gem Aren from Zenfu. She sent lots of very cute extras!!

      She had fast communication and was very nice, even when I had many (many!) questions :D Would love to work with her again!
    7. Bought a KD Hodoo from Zenfu, she was awesome to deal with and was super nice. Shipped him out fast and threw in extra's. Highly Recommended~ Thank you ^^
    8. Bought a Lu-Wen head from Zenfu. Very nice to deal with, head is perfect! Thank you!

    9. I bought a Vampire Shiwoo head from Zenfu! She was very kind and the transaction was perfect throughout. ^_^ Thanks again!
    10. Brought 3 heads and they arrived today perfect condition and a few stuff thrown in would buy from again in a heartbeat
    11. I bought a Mini Fee Sleeping Shiwoo from zenfu. While the package was lost between the 29th of Feb. and March 13th it was not her fault and in fact she stayed in close contact with me the entire time. I'm so grateful for her putting up with my freaking out. My Shiwoo is perfect and thanks to her putting in extra pillows and tons of bubble wrap he was not harmed when postal service apparently crushed, dropped and left the box out in the rain. I find it a complete and utter miracle that he arrived safely and I can't thank her enough for her care. The price was reasonable and she put in tons of extras including wigs, clothes, shoes and extra hands which weren't even part of the transaction initially. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again, I just hope whoever damaged my poor boy's box gets theirs. >_<
    12. I brought the Misty Blue Fullset Pepe clothing/Boots and Wig from Zenfu. She was fantastic to deal with, always kept in contact during the purchase. Shipped fast. Overall just a loverly person to deal with I would highly recommend and would definately buy again.

      Thanks again
    13. Zenfu is a greate seller! She shipped fast, well packed....I also recommed her highly!!
    14. I purchased a CP Vampire Dark Elf Soo head from Zenfu. Comms were friendly, frequent and helpful, and I was delighted with the fast international mailing. The head itself is minty-mint gorgeous. Thanks for a great transaction :D
    15. Zenfu is great to purchase from. I received my MNF Lishe head very quickly, and I was always kept up to date on her status. Lishe also came with some extras that were very generous! Thank you very much!!
    16. Zenfu is an AWESOME seller! My boyfriend bought me the Delf Shiwoo she was selling and the transaction went so well! She kept constant communication, offered fast shipping, and was just awesome to buy from!

      I HIGHLY recommend Zenfu <3
    17. I bought a DIM body from Zenfu. Her communication was friendly and frequent and she wrapped the body very well and securely in two boxes with lots of bubble wrap and shipped him very quickly.

      But I'd like to add that there were tiny indentations on the top and underside of the dolls toes on the right foot that she didn't mention in the description or in a PM. (But it might have been an innocent mistake because she is honest in describing similar marks on the toes of the delf girl body she is selling in the same sales thread. It may just be that she didn't notice them.)
      The body also arrived with some orange coloured dirt in small patches over the body but this cleaned off easily without having stained the doll.
      The blanket that came with the doll also had a lot of animal hairs over it, but there were no hairs on the doll itself or in its sockets.

      Overall I'm happy with my purchase. With the exception of the toes and the dirt the doll was as she described it in the sales post and PMs and she was friendly and efficient throughout the sale and shipping. I would buy from Zenfu again.
    18. I figured I should explain the notes that CinnamonMouse made, so I'll just copy what I told her in a PM -

      I'm glad that he got there in one piece, and that really teaches me to not rush while I'm wrapping dollfies up... :doh

      I honestly didn't notice the indentations at all, because he's been sitting off in a dark corner of my bedroom for months, and I didn't look him over thoroughly, I admit it freely. If I had noticed it, I would have made sure to mention it, and I'm really sorry that I didn't look him over to check properly for any marks.

      I did notice the dirt (honestly have no idea what that was :?), and thought I had cleaned pretty much all of it off. I honestly didn't notice the hairs either (though maybe I'm just used to the stuff being everywhere...).

      But yeah, the wrap-up went a bit too quickly, so I probably didn't take as much care as I should have, and I apologise for that, I really do. And if nothing else, I think I've learned my lesson now, so I'll take far more care next time I wrap a dollfie up for shipping. :)
    19. Zenfu sold a complete Bambicrony Elf Sisley along with a wig and dress to me. The little elf arrived today in perfect condition; a very clean doll. This was a trouble-free and prompt transaction. No problem whatsoever. Nice emails, too! Thank you! :daisy
    20. Purchased 2 sets of hands from Zenfu - arrived in perfect condition and much faster than expected. Great communication as well! Awesome seller. ^^