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Feedback for ZennoSaji

Feb 28, 2009

    1. Well, this was an awesome buyer, would happily do... Wait, that's me. :o

      Seeing as I plan on using the Marketplace from time to time, I have a thread for me! Yay! Please use it wisely.
    2. I sold my Harin head to ZennoSaji! ^0^
      She paid promptly, the communication was great and I'm sure she will give this girl a great loving home!! >v<*
      Highly reccommended buyer!
      Thank you so much, dear~!<3
    3. We did a split with an Iplehouse Harin (I got the head). I was very impressed with the fact that she kept me informed about each step she made throughout this deal. She kept me updated whenever she received more information and made this transaction a pleasant one. The head arrived safely this morning and I couldn't be happier about this.

      Since this was my first "big" order on DoA, I was a bit hesitant and nervous, but with ZennoSaji's open and friendly manner, I felt more at ease.

      I would recommend her as a great person to do business with and would gladly participate in another split, if the occasion should arise.

    4. ZennoSaji participated in a group order I ran for Luts during the discount event. She replied to invoices quickly and paid promptly! She is a wonderful person that I would love to work with again^^
      Thank you for joining my Luts GO:chocoberry
    5. ZennoSaji bought a wig from me and was very pleasant to do business with. ZennoSaji paid quickly and responded to all PMs! Thanks again!
    6. Zenno purchased an ED Red head from me and was perfect in the transaction. Friendly, communicative and paid quickly. Thank you! :D
    7. ZennoSaji ordered a fur wig from me and was a lovely customer. ^_^ Friendly and efficient communication, quick payment, and shelet me know when the wig arrived safely, as requested. I'd love to do business with her again. Thanks!

    8. [​IMG]

      ~*~ Dollmore Group Order ~*~

      &#10087;ZennoSaji&#10087; participated in my very first Dollmore Group Order here in DoA. She was so friendly, and a joy to deal a transaction with. Her payment was prompt and so was her communication. I would gladly do business with her anytime.

      Thank you so much

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      &#10086; Decy &#10086;

    9. ZennoSaji participated in my recent For My Doll Group Order, and she was great to work with. Friendly communication, fast payment, and she posted in the order thread to let me know her order arrived. I'd gladly deal with her again anytime! :)
    10. I commissioned a genuine Scottish-style kilt from ZennoSaiji and she was fab to work with. She helped me to choose the right kind of fabric and consulted me about design at every stage. When there was an occasional delay, she kept me posted, and the kilt itself is fab - she included a surprise sporran! Sergey, my SID Denzel, is now receiving admiring glances from all and sundry. (I should add that it's a fantasy kilt in purple and black tartan as Sergey comes from an alternate world).

      He is being coy about what he keeps in his sporran.

      A big thank you to ZennoSaiji and I'm very happy to recommend her for all your doll's kilt-wearing needs! :D
    11. ZennoSaji bought a pair of luts boots from me.
      She was excellent to work with! Payment was made when she promised. The whole transaction was smooth!
      She is a very very good buyer. !!

      Thank you ZennoSaji =^___^=
    12. I bought a pair of boots for an EID boy from ZennoSaji. Great communication and fast shipping! Would love to do business again sometime! Thanks again!
    13. I commissioned two kilts from Zennosaji and she was very helpful guiding me through some of the options of construction. She kept me informed when delays came up with friendly communication. The kilts are wonderful. She included a surprise sporran too!
    14. recently purchased a DOD code No.2 from ZennoSaji :)
      she's awesome~ communication was great!
      quick response & fast shipping, i would definitely love to deal with ZennoSaji again in the future
    15. I sold ZennoSaji a DOT Code-02 body and she was a wonderful buyer. She was communicative and really let me know what was going on every step of the way. Absolutely recommended! :)
    16. Whew! When ZennoSaji set out to fulfill our dreams of Men In Kilts, I don't think either of us realized what an arduous task it would be! But Saji always kept me in the loop and up to date on how things were going, and added in a great sporran and some fabric for flashes, to make up for the long amount of time it took.
      But perfection takes time. Especially when you are trailblazing alone!
      And man, I love all four of my kilts! They are exactly what the DayDream Doctor prescribed! The details are fantastic!
      I hope to get some decent photos to show off these gorgeous works of art!
      Thank you so much, Saiji, for slogging through it all and coming out the other side with a superior product!
      :chocoberry :chocoheart :chocoberry
    17. Saji has made me the most beautiful kilt, I'm just hoping the boys dont tear it apart as they all want it!
      Totally stunning craftmanship. all I need now is a sporan.... Watch Ebay here I come! lol

      Many thanks for the astounding clobber!
    18. ZennoSaji bought my Benmore head, & everything went great! Payment was quick, good friendly communication, & I'd definitely do business again.

      Thanks again! =3
    19. ZennoSaji is ultra-pleasant to deal with and everything went really smoothly - my newly acquired Iplehouse jeans were a bargain!
    20. ZennoSaji bought an EID jacket from me. She was great and very friendly. I would recommend doing business with her. Thank you!