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Feedback for Zerocchi

Jan 30, 2008

    1. Hey there!

      Here is my Feedback thread~!

      So I hope I will be a good person to deal with.

    2. I've sold a CP BW boy body to Zerocchi and all was perfect. Fast payment and nice communication :) I recommend her for all transactions :aheartbea
    3. I bought the souldoll body from her and everything was more than perfect!!Thanks so much:aheartbea!
      Very good communication and fast shipping!!!
      Everytime again!

      *hugi hug*
    4. I was to buy a souldoll body from Zerocchi but at the last minute, when I was about to pay she sent me this PM:
      "Hey there,

      I have found someone from germany to buy my body.
      That's easier for me and was what I wished for, because of the bad shipping services in germany.
      I hope you are not disappointed.

      Have a nice day"

      As she had already committed to selling the body to me I think this was bad form. This is a warning to overseas buyers that if you are buying from Zerocchi please be aware she will continue to look for a buyer in her own country. Because it's easier.

      Up till that point she was easy to communicate with.
    5. Zerocchi bought a dolkot Bera head from me. She was easy to communicate with and paid quickly. Thank you so much!
    6. I bought a head from Zerocci, she was really nice and shipped the head very fast. Thank you so much!
    7. I've sold IOS SEZZ head to Zerocchi and all was perfect ^_~
      Fast payment and nice communication ^^
      Thank you ^__^
    8. I bought a K-doll Karon head from Zerocchi, we had some problems with post office but Zerocchi did a wonderful job; she called her post office several times and always informed me about everything. Definitely one of the best sellers I've dealed with, thanks! :aheartbea :aheartbea
    9. I recently bought an AOD body from Zerocchi and have mixed feeling. I'm sorry to do this but feel I have to mention the good with the bad. She is friendly and quick to communicate but was a little economical with the truth about the condition of the body. She stated that she was the second owner but that it was in good condition (yes) but failed to mention the state of the elastic which was really loose, filthy and worn right through in places. The resin was described as white despite being significantly yellowed. Luckily this is even but it still should have been mentioned. I have a brand new AOD white skin body to compare but you don't really need anything to compare the difference between white and yellow.
    10. bluemana I'm very sorry about that, but I mentioned it in the thread from the beginning, that I wanted a buyer from europe, because the shipping options for oversea from germany are really bad.

      vonbonbon I just wanted to thank you for not telling me first about the problems and posting this feedback months after the body arrived. I do own another AOD Body in white skin and compared to this one, the one I sold was not yellowed and since I never owned a completely new AOD Body, I just took the one I still have to compare it two. And I think everyone knows that white skin is not always paper white. It depends on the company.
    11. zerocchi sold a soom lami to me.She is very friendly to communicate with and shipped the doll very quickly with perfect package.Good seller~:)

      I have bought a Ringdoll Shao from Zerocchi on layaway and everything went just perfect!
      She's very, very friendly and nice to deal with and had a lot of patience. The doll arrived just as described, carefully packaged and very quickly. And she even packed a few very tasty christmas cookies along with him, which was a really delightful surprise! I can definitely recommend this seller to anyone, it was a real pleasure doing business with her. :)

      Thank you so much!
    13. Sold a head to Zerocchi. Excellent person to deal with! Great communication, and it was a very smooth international transaction!
    14. I've bought 2x Immortality of Soul - M heads from Zerocchi.
      They arrived well and safe! She sent them prompt, she was easy to comunicate... Since she has had some feedbacks talking about shipping problems, I can tell that my personal experience was completely alright and I had absolutely no problems with the shipping service or bad package, the heads were pretty well packaged and they arrived just when she told me they should arrive! so I'm leaving a positive feedback for the whole transaction!
    15. Zerocchi purchased a B&G body from me. Communication was quick and friendly, and payment was fast. Zerocchi also informed me when the body arrived, which I really appreciate. Overall, this was a great transaction, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks so much! :)
    16. I bought from Zerocchi Dollshe Saint. It was such a nice transaction! She is a real sweetheart and I received the package well secured and everything was just fine. I'm so happy I could deal with such a nice person - I definitely would like to do business with Zerocchi again! Of course I'm leaving positive feedback here <3

      Thank you so much Dear ^_^
    17. Zerocchi is a terrific seller!
      I just bought a Doll from her, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy again!
      She was fast and friendly to communicate with, shipped quickly, and the "Boy" is in tip-top condition.

      Many thanks! ^_^
    18. I've bought Eyes from Zerocchi. And it was great! She was fast and friendly!
      Many Thanks!
    19. This is extremely Positive Feedback! I purchased a Doll in Mind Minimee Kyo sculpt from Zerocchi and the transaction could not have been better! Zerocchi agreed on a layaway plan with me and always quickly let me know when my payments had gone through. She kept me informed and updated every step along the way and was extremely nice and quick to respond. She let me know right when the head had shipped and sent me all pertinent information regarding the shipping. During the wait she even checked in with me to be sure everything was still going well with the tracking. He arrived extremely well packaged within the timeline that Zerocchi told me he would arrive. The head is in perfect condition and was exactly as advertised in the sales thread. I would happily do business with Zerocchi again any time and wish her the best of luck with the rest of her sales! Thank you so much for being so kind. It's amazing to finally have this grail doll home!
    20. I purchased a doll from Zerocchi. Before commiting to buy, I asked a number of questions and requested additional photos. Zerocchi was polite, helpful, obliging and clear in her communications. The doll was shipped on the same day I sent payment and arrived very quickly without damage. Exactly as described / shown. A perfect transaction. A positive experience. No complaints.

      Thank you very much, Zerocchi! :thumbup It has been a pleasure doing business with you.