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Feedback for ZestroY

Jun 12, 2006

    1. those who have transactions with me be it buying/selling/face ups please leave feedback here =D
    2. *bounces around thread*

      zes is very nice to deal with.... she did a good job on hideyoshi and also she bought over a head from me :)
    3. I love the faceup she did for my Kivanos, and would definitely go back to her for more faceups in future. :D
    4. She did a great face-up & modding for my moon~ I love how they looks XD Will let her do face-up & mod my next doll =D
    5. Highly recommended! :) She has done 3 of my crew and I'm terribly pleased with them. Talented and painstakingly meticulous about details. Easy to work with, communicative and informative with updates.
    6. Zes did real great job on the face up for my elf ducan!! Highly recommended her!!! and the repairing job she did for my elf ducan ear is perfect!!! thanks so much!!!! (^o^)B
    7. thanks guys ^___^
    8. I purchased a very precious resin boy *points to avatar*^^ from ZestroY before Christmas (I can't believe it took me so long to leave feedback*__*), and it was an extremely pleasurable transaction all throughout! Wonderful, friendly emails/pms, and super fast shipping!! Not to mention the mods she did on the doll head were fantastic!! Thanks again, Zes, you've made a long time dream of mine come true.^_^
    9. A great great artist ^^ Love what she had done for my silly boy. Highly recommended
    10. thanks guys ^___^
    11. kns I keep forgetting to give you feedback even tho you painted all my boys sia -_- -slapself-

      I love Zes' work, she did my boys perfectly - and she's really good to work with and if you want something changed she's usually really good natured about it. ^^
    12. thanks cheese ^^
      i just recieved your mail about the changes, would be working on him again ^^
    13. Sold eyes to ZestroY. Very easy transaction with good communications and quick payment. Very nice buyer.
    14. she did the awesome faceup on my boy.
      it turned out really lovely!
      thank you!
    15. thanks ^__^
      glad you liked it =)