Feedback for Zia89

Jan 22, 2013

    1. Well I'm starting to buy and trade so time to start a feedback thread~

      All feedback for me goes here~!
    2. Recently bought an F.Doll boy body and couldn't have been happier with the transaction. ^_^
      Arrived quickly and she had great communication.

      Thanks~ <3
    3. Zia89 bought my CP Delf Shiwoo on a layaway. Great communication, and patience during the faceup phase (it snowed a lot). Paid on time, and was a great buyer. Great transaction!
    4. Zia89 commissioned a custom skirt for her KDF from me. She knew exactly what she wanted, communicated wonderfully with me throughout the process and was also patient when my work got in the way of sewing. Paid promptly and let me know as soon as it arrived. I hope to work with her again!
    5. Zia89 participated in my Dollmore group order. Quick payments and friendly communication. Thank you again!
    6. Zia89 commssioned an outfit in my Beyond Wonderland studio. She gave me clear sketches, was attentive and very kind. I also received payment fast. Perfect transaction:) Thank you very much dear. I hope we will trade in the future too!
    7. Zia89 commissioned a rabbit fur cloak from me, good communication and timely response and paid quickly, a pleasure doing business with :D
    8. Zia89 commissioned an outfit from me, she had fast and friendly payment and communication; she was very clear with what she wanted and gave good sketches and colour samples. She was wonderful to work with. I definitely recommend Zia89.
    9. I purchased a delf bory from Zia89, and hey were a great seller, with excellent communication. Everything was wrapped up super tight, secure and arrived very quickly. Thank you for a great transaction.
    10. Zia89 joined my Camellia Dynasty GO and I have zero complaints! :) Very nice, prompt payment for the order and shipping, and she let me know when she got her items! I'd let her join another GO in a heart beat! :D
      Thanks so much for joining and helping the GO run smoothly!
    11. I had a transaction with Zia89 (buy a cat ears) - everything went very good
      She is very reliable and honest person :aheartbea
    12. Zia89 bought some glass eyes from my selling thread.
      Every think went smooth and perfect.
      Hope to deal with
      Zia89 again soon! ^^
    13. Zia89 commissioned me to work on her doll, and she was wonderful to work with, as was her boy. ^ - ^ Payment was on time, communication was easy and friendly, and it was a lot of fun to work on her doll! (I did subtractive modifications, dyeing, sueding, and faceup) I would easily do business with her again!
    14. I sold a pair of urethane eyes to Zia89 and the transaction was flawless! Thank you so much!
    15. Join my GO - No problems, would recommend as seller/buyer!
    16. Zia joined my DollZone GO I held earlier this year, and has been great this whole time! Her communication is excellent, and she was very patient for the wait, and she also let me know when her items arrived!
      I'd gladly let her join another GO of mine! :D
    17. Zia purchased an eye lot from me and it was a good transaction. She paid very quickly and communicated with me just as promptly. I would be very happy to do business with her again!
    18. I particpated in a FMD GO ran by Zia. Everything ran smoothly. Good communication and fast shipping. Would be happy to do business with Zia in the future.
    19. I participated in a For My Doll GO that Zia hosted, and she did an amazing job! Her organization and communication were perfect, and she did a great job of helping me get exactly what I needed. She gave us updates when they were available, gave us tracking, and my order was shipped both quickly and securely. Can't ask for more then that! Thank you so much!!
    20. I was in or My Doll group order that she hosted. Everything went smoothly. She kept everyone informed. Highly recommend.
      So sorry for the late feedback. Just can back from vacay:)

      Again thank you so much for running the GO!!