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Feedback for Zoid5

Jan 6, 2010

    1. I seem to be the first! What a wonderful buyer, I must say! A joy to deal with. <3
    2. Zoid5 bought a pair of shoes from me. Payment was quick and communication was friendly. Excellent buyer!
    3. Zoid5 bought some tools from me. Very good buyer, and I look forward to doing business with Zoid5 again.
    4. Zoid5 bought a Minifee Seorin head from me. She was honest, paid the amount she would, when she suggested she would.
      She kept me updated with the packages arrival.
      I would reccomend as a buyer!
    5. Positive feedback for Zoid5 :) we had some shipping trouble (lost package) Luckily I had an extra pair of the same style eyes left and this one she got (YAY!!!) Very patient and easy to work with through troubling post office stuff! Thank you!!!
    6. Zoid5 bought a couple of pkf items form me, and she couldn't have been sweeter to do business with. Thanks again!
    7. Zoid5 brought some clothes from me.
      Communication was great, payment was fast, and she let me know when the package arrived.
      Would happily deal with again :)
    8. Zoid5 bought MSD clothes from me and was a wonderful customer! Friendly PMs and fast payment! Highly recommended!!! Thanks again!!!
    9. Best buyer ever! She really liked my work and even posted pictures! X3
    10. Zoid5 participated in the Beginner's Valentine Swap I hosted. She shipped promptly, had amazing communication, and made her partner very happy! I would recommend her for future swaps!
    11. Sorry for the late feedback! But it&#8217;s Good Feedback! Zoid5 was a Wonderful member of the A Thousand Years of Police Box Travel &#8211; A Doctor Who Swap. And even when things started going a bit pear shaped and her partner flaked out Zoid5 was very understanding and patient. Greet Communication and fast to respond to Questions put forth. I was very lucky to have them participating in my swap!
    12. Zoid5 bought a modded Dollzone Megi head from me, and the transaction was an absolute pleasure <3 She's a wonderful buyer, really kind and pretty quick with payment. :3 The communication was perfect, and she immediately let me know when the head arrived.
      I highly recommend her!
      Thank you again! ^^