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Feedback for Zombiebobbin

Oct 20, 2007

    1. heya, I've bought a lot of things lately, and I want to start selling stuff as well, so I figured I'd better start a feedback thread ;)
    2. zombiebobbin bought some accessories from me and she was very quick with the payment and very friendly! I would love to do business with her again ^_^
    3. ZombieBobbin has bought a wig from me. She was very friendly and paid quickly. I'm sooo glad to deal with her. ^^
    4. I bought an MNF Ruth from ZombieBobbin.

      She was wonderful to deal with and very quick with shipment and the entire experience with fabulous. I would happily deal with her again for anything. :)
    5. Zombiebobbin bought a pair of eyes from me and was very quick with payment and very friendly. I would happily do business with her again. :)
    6. Zombibobbin sold me a LTF NS Shiwoo Elf plate, and it was a phenomenal transaction. Communication was swift, shipping was very prompt, and oh, boy, was it well-packaged! No worries about things getting bumped or bothered with her!

      Marvelous. Simply marvelous!
    7. bought a mnf seorin from ZombieBobbin and she was great to work with! Very friendly and would definately buy from again. Thanks for a great transaction! :D
    8. sold a pair of eyes to Zombiebobbin she was prompt with the payment and was patient when it took some time to arrive.
      Thanks for a great transaction!
    9. I sold a MSD shoe pair to Zombiebobbin, she's a very nice buyer and everything went great, I got the payment fast. Thank you very much! :D